Bloomington: So much for short meetings

By: Diane Benjamin

The meeting length will be determined by what is pulled from the Consent Agenda – it’s long.

It’s difficult to understand why some Enterprise Funds have to balance or you get tax increases to make up the difference, but Capital Funds can be used to buy 3 new movers for the golf courses:

Remember this when your water, storm water, and garbage rates increase without a Council vote. Golf and the Coliseum must be EXEMPT Enterprise Funds that don’t have to pay for themselves.

The Den is also replacing a 25 year old irrigation pump. It isn’t coming out of the Enterprise Funds either:

Bloomington is only contracting fuel for 6 months. I hope they don’t think the price will go down, it won’t. Biden’s Green New Deal will keep fuel high until he is out of office. After the midterms the price will go higher, he has to quit taking oil out of the Strategic Energy Reserves soon.

Police settling: Video shows it was excessive force. If Bloomington won’t admit there was a problem, how are they going to prevent it from happening again?

There are a ton of other items on the agenda, see those yourself. Julie Emig is on medical leave until the end of November. Her Ward won’t have a voice.






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