Why is Normal playing the race card?

By:  Diane Benjamin Just weeks ago City Manager Mark Peterson declared everybody racist – but he is determined to fix it:  https://blnnews.com/2017/08/23/we-are-all-racist/ Normal is so racist in April they elected a black council member –  Chemberly  Cummings.  According to a Pantagraph story, she thinks rural white teachers have never seen black kids before.  I wonder what […]

NOW the City is worried about trees

By:  Diane Benjamin Last Monday the Council was worried about old trees growing on City property that residents want gone. I wish they had cared before they planted trees on East College. They looked adorably cute when they were first planted – right below power lines.  Not so cute anymore after getting chopped to keep […]

Why are structural deficits okay?

By:  Diane Benjamin Deficits are just fine with the Bloomington City Council  because they can tax you.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it, they have needs – you have the money. Only David Sage realized that last night – years late, but better late than never.  He voted against hiring the Downtown Bloomington […]

No Liquor Commissioner!

By:  Diane Benjamin Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago Tari Renner was so overworked as mayor he wanted a full-time assistant?  He must have been exaggerating since now he thinks he can take a leave of absence for some “medical related” reason for an indeterminate time. Since the Council did nothing when Tari Renner […]

Abusing Citizens gets the Council’s OKAY

By:  Diane Benjamin Since the Council has been deadly silent over holding Tari Renner accountable for his latest antics, we can only assume they think Renner’s behavior and ethics is very much becoming of local public servants. Will they start calling people “nasty” and “liars” next? I guess that’s what we can expect. It’s been […]