No violation

By:  Diane Benjamin

Even though inspectors seem to be scrutinizing the homes of Renner critics looking for violations (sometimes on the wrong street), Tari wasn’t fined for this violation:

This is the document the citizen who filed the complaint was told to pick up in person.  It was emailed after protest:


The name was assigned by the City, not me.





4 thoughts on “No violation

  1. So, Renner is now directing City inspectors or is he using his rabid possee to scour neighborhoods? How can the trash cans not be in violation of the ordinance? Trash day was Tuesday but the cans were still out on Thursday. I guess some people are considered above the law.

  2. I have been warming people for some time that Renner is subverting the governing process and using city employees to attack those who oppose him. Congratulations Bloomington! You now live in a City that is rapidly taking on the characteristics of a tin-horn, Marxist dictatorship. As another Marxist once said: “Elections have consequences”.

  3. How cozy! Just like Brendon giving a break to the little old lady @ the church a year or two back. What a WONDERFUL anarchy we live in! I hope Tari and his council get the boot!

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