Normal’s Spectacular Spending!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight – Normal Town Council:

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No idea who is appreciated – file a FOIA request if you want to know:

More Japan Spending

How does buying flowers for a funeral qualify as “using public money for public purposes”? Does every resident of Normal get flowers when they die courtesy of taxpayers? Maybe just former employees? Maybe people the Town deems deserve flowers?  Buying votes?

It’s always easy to spend other people’s money while forgetting they had to WORK for it!  How about an office collection next time!

Normal eats tax dollars too

See other spending for yourself!

Who is going to be Normal’s Scott Black?

On the agenda is electric aggregation, just like Bloomington took up at the last meeting.

As written, the citizens of Normal can Opt Out, choose a fixed energy price, or choose to pay more for GREEN electricity.  (As in the color of money)

Wind turbines in Pontiac were off this weekend and so were the ones near Maroa.  The ones by me are off today.  Anybody see a problem?

Page 45:

The citizens of Bloomington were denied choices by Scott Black interjecting it’s government’s job to force you to pay more!

So which Normal Trustee is it going to be tonight?  Take some Koolaid to the meeting with you for them.

See page 54:

All non-union employees will be getting their semi-annual cost of living increase.  The “Personnel Code” claims salaries can be adjusted up or down.  Only the last 5 adjustments are listed, two are zero – none of them are down.

Does your employer provide bi-annual cost of living increases?

Does government exist for government employees or you?

See page 102

It looks like Normal won’t be creating a citizens review board to police the police.  I wonder where Black Lives Matter is?  YWCA, Not In Our Town, ACLU, etc?



2 thoughts on “Normal’s Spectacular Spending!

  1. Cost of LIving increase? Just more proof these folks couldn’t survive the real world. 1) nearly all private companies have done away with such things. 2) they still get full pensions – which again, the private sector has mostly done away with. 3) their health insurance copays are…what??? $50 or so? In the private sector they’re often $200 or more. 4) used to be….govt employees got fatter benefit pkgs because they didn’t make as much SALARY as private sector employees. Now….they make as much or MORE than private sector….AND…the fatter benefits remain.

  2. Accourding to State statute, money for non-government use can only be spent by ordinance. Is there an ordinance for the Town to spend $7K for an appreciation dinner? Is that a specific line item in the budget?

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