Government should be worried

By:  Diane Benjamin By now you should know who the Edgar County Watchdogs are.  You may not know they also go by the name Illinois Leaks.  Tips flow into them from all over the State.  All it takes to end the corruption in Illinois is people with inside knowledge to speak up. They posted this story: In The […]

Bloomington loses 400 jobs in 1 year

By:  Diane Benjamin The jobs lost by the Cub Foods closing aren’t included! FIFTY IT jobs outsourced by Country Companies are. See this report from Reboot Illinois: The numbers are from the Illinois Department of Employment Security. In May of 2014 Bloomington had 95,600 jobs. In May of 2015 Bloomington had 95,200 jobs. Tari’s illegal budget […]

Bloomington’s Pantagraph should shutter its doors

Bloomington, IL. (ECWd) – The Pantagraph newspaper is doing the citizens of Bloomington, IL. a disservice by advocating for the City of Bloomington to violate the free speech rights of everyone that attends a city council meeting (read how they betray the trust of their readership here). Newspapers have a fundamental responsibility to the […]