Government should be worried

By:  Diane Benjamin

By now you should know who the Edgar County Watchdogs are.  You may not know they also go by the name Illinois Leaks.  Tips flow into them from all over the State.  All it takes to end the corruption in Illinois is people with inside knowledge to speak up.

They posted this story: In The News

In the interest of keeping people informed as to what we’ve been up to, we thought it might be a good idea to list all of the legitimate news media and legal publications that have included us or our data in their articles. Below is a listing of either us or our work being published in various publications across the nation – click to read them (in no particular order):

Chicago Daily Herald (June 29, 2015)COD to check backgrounds of accreditation team members

Chicago Tribune (June 28, 2015)Accreditation Agency Postpones Visit to College of DuPage

Chicago Tribune: They are the muckrakers of the farm fields, bloodhounds for…

Paris Beacon News (June 6, 2015)

USDOT News Brief (here)

Daily Eastern News (here)

Chicago Tribune:  3-27-2015

FORBES and another FORBES

Chicago Daily Herald – 3-12-2015 and 3-18-2015

Clean Technology Business Review (here) (here)

Capitol Fax

REBOOT Illinois

National Law Review

American Bar Association Journal

Huffington Post

This is only PART of the list.  Click here to see the rest:

Kirk Allen and John Kraft are doing the job media was charged with doing but don’t.  Public servants who create their own laws will be held accountable.  These guys are working for you.  Public servants who don’t follow the law should be worried – with good reason!  Clueless media covering up corruption won’t be spared either.


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