Bloomington loses 400 jobs in 1 year

By:  Diane Benjamin

The jobs lost by the Cub Foods closing aren’t included!

FIFTY IT jobs outsourced by Country Companies are.

See this report from Reboot Illinois:

The numbers are from the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

In May of 2014 Bloomington had 95,600 jobs.

In May of 2015 Bloomington had 95,200 jobs.

Tari’s illegal budget committee is considering tax increases.  Unelected like-minded Renner people won’t be able to find much to cut in the budget.  That means tax increases are their only option.  There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but the Team Tari Council will steal more of your money to balance the budget.  Single mothers, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and families barely getting by will be forced to fund the Coliseum, BCPA, golf, and bike lanes – all of which they will never use.

Citizens have their own budget committee!  The first meeting is July 7th:

Tax receipts are declining.  Unemployment may be down, but so are the number of jobs.  This Reboot Illinois article says almost 10,000 people left Illinois between 2013 and 2014:

The unemployment rate is (in part) down in Illinois because people left.  Since the Bloomington unemployment rate continues to drop AND the number of people working continues to drop, people are leaving Bloomington.

As the Council raises taxes again, the trend will continue.  Obviously tax receipts will drop as the number of people here declines.  The Council under Renner has brought Illinois politics home.  Elections matter folks!

Normal:  Koos is still planning to spend more on Uptown.  I know a memo exists showing worry about declining tax receipts.  At least one person on the Council must see DANGER SIGNS.  That memo should be leaked now!





16 thoughts on “Bloomington loses 400 jobs in 1 year

      1. So that means the number of jobs has been inflated by a one time large creation of jobs. Had Hyvee not done their hiring, the -600 number would have been much worse. Is my thinking correct or am I missing something?


  1. Now Vasudha Pinnamaraju (you have to view her profile on LinkedIn) predicted in the firewood starting paper today’s article “Hearing set for city’s comprehensive plan” that there will be job growth. In 20 years 48,500 new jobs.

    If you need a laugh read the article and then get a second laugh when you read the LinkedIn profile of the predictor.

    I’m sure the Bloomington city manager and Mayor Professor Lawyer will be all over this report.


  2. ” over 2,000 people gave 8,000 responses…” 2,000 of 79,000 citizens. Now that is representative government. I wonder how many people will be allowed to make public comments at the public hearing.


    1. Since they think 2000 represents everybody and the public if ignored anyway, 5 @ 3 minutes each. I hadn’t seen the article when I wrote this. MCRPC is using their numbers to justify the east-side bypass.


      1. Ugh! The bypass! Here is something interesting. I was at a public comment meeting on the proposed bypass and Renner said he opposed it. Sorenson went red in the face trying to convince everyone that we need it. The public is overwhelmingly against it for a variety of reasons (SF not growing in Illinois, cost, distruption of farmland, loss of homes). However, none of these politicians understand that when we want them to say no they re-route to another avenue (You need to tell the DOT so that they won’t build it). Heck, if that is the thinking why have elected officials?


      2. This meeting is of the Bloomington Planning Commission. Not sure what their policy is for public comment. The reported growth is expected to be only 1,000/yr over 20 years. After 15 years of planning, Hamilton Road hasn’t yet been extended to the South side so State Farm employees can access their homes without going on the deteriorated South Veterans Parkway. The MCRPC put together this 250 page report to tell Bloomington what to do. Nobody is going to read the entire report. They will read and refer to the parts that support their arguments. What a waste of trees!! How many times does the city need to hear that infrastructure is in need of serious repair before they expend the resources. Oh, and of course the employed can attend a 4:00 PM meeting!?!


  3. Maybe with the governor making cut backs he will axe the bypass. Someone needs to put a stop to it. IDOT, the city, and the county can’t even maintain what roads we have now let alone build another one for no good reason.

    I agree we don’t need to destroy more McLean County farm ground. Yet a few big heads around here to line their pockets with money see it otherwise.


  4. I know several people that were members of the working groups on this recent advisory for the Comp Plan and they noted that the meetings were a joke. Many of the members were Renner appointees and local government officials. More manufactured consensus. More of the same old window dressing. More bs as always these days.


    1. I think I figured out where the responses came from. The Citizen’s Summit had 2 people from each Ward chosen by their Alderman, ten “at large” chosen by the Mayor…these were the Work Groups. The majority of responses came from the Citizen’s Survey…this is published on the City website. In May, there were public comments made at a Council meeting about how the City is ignoring the input. Can’t wait to see what is in the report.


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