Video: Carrillo violence is “righteous rage”

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind: That would be campaign Manager for these people: Now listen to Jenn Carrillo saying she won’t condemn violence, what will happen when her candidates lose next Tuesday? The video is from 5/31/2020, Law and Justice Center Black Lives Matter event. It is very short, seconds over a minute. h/t […]

Update #2: Update: Anything to win right Koos?

Mulberry School Board President Nick Keever claims the signs are not on their property. According to GIS they own the corner of Beech and Lincoln. He also claims they don’t own the property with the Mulberry School sign on it. Nick claims half of their building is owned as a private residence and the signs […]

Chemberly Cummings on Rivian (must see)

By: Diane Benjamin h/t to a reader! February 19, 2018 This item was on the agenda: The clip below shows Chemberly Cummings claiming: it isn’t an easy decision for her things like this keep me up at night too many unknows with this company everything seems so convoluted and secretive I want it known […]

Local BLM endorsements

By: Diane Benjamin First, you need to review what the Local Black Lives Matter group wants: Who are they endorsing, supposedly because a survey they filled out? I wonder if Chris Koos watching Target get looted had anything to do with their decision? Cities that have cut funding to their police departments have seen astronomical […]

Carrillo’s long term goals for you

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind Jenn Carrillo is the campaign manager for the People 1st Coalition: These four people believe the same things she does or she wouldn’t be running their campaigns: What do they believe? Start here. When Jenn ran for City Council she had a campaign treasurer named Zachary Kirkton: Who […]

The lawsuit against Rivian you probably don’t know about

​ Tesla Inc. can move forward with a lawsuit claiming that Rivian Automotive Inc. stole its trade secrets with the help of former employees of the electric carmaker. Read the rest yourself!

Chris Koos thinks he’s running against Trump

By: Diane Benjamin Evidently Koos is just another leftist attempting to re-write history. Record low unemployment and rising wages especially for lower wage workers went right over his head. He claims in this campaign flyer McLean County barely survived Trump: Koos will do anything to not run on HIS record of debt, friends and family […]

People running for office who won’t represent everyone – on purpose

By: Diane Benjamin The candidates below have refused or ignored invitations to appear on Cities 92.9 radio. That means they don’t want to discuss issues with those who lean right and aren’t interested in earning your vote. Maybe they know their policies can’t be defended. Chris Koos – Normal Mayor Jackie Gunderson – Bloomington Mayor […]

Add this reason to not vote for incumbents

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos and has band of merry fleecers will continue to increase funding to Connect Transit. They adore empty buses and the $1,000,000 a month the feds and state poor into McLean County to keep it running. They love electric buses and solar panels. They love transfer stations that give their union […]

The story that will defeat Koos and his bobbleheads on the Council

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve written almost 7600 stories since 2012. Most I can not remember, luckily readers do remember. The story below is one readers remembered that I didn’t. Chris Koos is infamous for his insider deals that benefit friends and a compliant Council that allow the fleecing of taxpayers. I can’t possibly remember all […]

Readers: Remember this classic?

By: Diane Benjamin Remind you of democrat controlled cities all last summer? Original story: Didn’t Jenn get fired from the YWCA for this post she hurriedly removed from her page? What will Jenn do when all her people running for the Bloomington Council lose? Don’t forget she’s their campaign manager:: Law enforcement: You now […]

Normal’s Hired Lawyer: Elections don’t matter

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT did another hit piece on Stan Nord, but as usual they MISSED the story and left out details: First, just like the lawyer Normal hired to conduct the assault on Joes Stationhouse Pizza, the results were completely predictable. Second, WGLT claims they obtained a copy of the 7 page page […]

Responsible Cities PAC does comedy

By: Diane Benjamin From the PAC website: Gee, it sounds like this group wants the best candidates for the entire community. They don’t. Chris Koos and Kevin McCarthy have recently stated they were elected by the citizens of Normal and they don’t care about Bloomington. They want to run water pipes on top of […]

What happened to Koos on the Amtrak Board?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Remember this: Chris Koos isn’t on the Amtrak Board because he was never confirmed by the Senate: Koos will never be on the Amtrak Board unless he is re-nominated. See the explanation for Senate Rule XXXI listed above: Excerpt: The Koos nomination ended in September 2020. Did […]

Connect Transit: Is this mental illness?

By: Diane Benjamin When you vote April 6th keep in mind Chris Koos appointed people to this board (after leaving a seat empty for 1 year and and half) and fully supports this massive abuse of taxpayer dollars! PDF page 22 Free bus rides during February 2021 totaled 108,736 February 2020 rides were 236,504 […]

Is Lawler a chicken or just uninformed?

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 5 candidate Patrick Lawler was supposed to participate in a debate tonight. Instead he posted this: Let’s deconstruct! Patrick isn’t interested in listening to Republicans. “Regardless of what party” is a load of crap or he would be there tonight. Patrick obviously only gets news that lied about the former President. […]

Hey Carrillo, attend the discussion next time

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Jenn Carrillo was absent for the Committee of the Whole meeting where plans for O’Neil Park were discussed. She could have expressed her views then, but failed to represent her ward. Last night she voted yes on the $11.8+ million project. Today she evidently has re-thought that vote: Hint […]

Amenity not Economic Development

By: Diane Benjamin Last night’s Bloomington council meeting: Tari Renner and the Clerk had to be reminded Public Comment was skipped. I hope the next mayor can read and follow an agenda, Tari can’t (numerous examples from recent meetings). See around 49:00. There was only one Public Comment. Ward 3 candidate Willie Holton Halbert took […]

Local crickets on kids in cages

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader More hypocrisy from those local caring folks who just want to help. No they don’t, it’s all about political power. November 21, 2019 Story claims more than 100 people protested government holding children who illegally crossed the border. Excerpt: Charlotte Alvarez, executive director of the Immigration Project in […]

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin It will be fun to see if Jenn Carrillo’s head explodes: She has questioned all spending for the police in the past. A Public Hearing will be held on the budget. Likely few or nobody will make public comment. What you should know: The budget history: Pre Tari: […]

What you get with People 1st candidates

By: Diane Benjamin Thinking about voting for Jackie Gunderson, Kelby Cumpston, Patrick Lawler, or Willie Holton Halbert? You should first look at what Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill have done for Bloomington: Juneteenth, Welcoming City, Defund the police, not showing up at meetings, etc. If you want a Social Justice Council that ignores the essential […]

Tired of being lied to in Normal?

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos knows he has nothing to run on. Instead of discussing issues he clipped and chopped comments made by Marc Tiritilli before Rivian incentives were approved by the Normal Town Council. Koos wants you to believe Tiritilli was against Rivian buying the plant when Marc was actually against taking money from […]

Strike 2 for Koos!

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos had rulings against him before for violating the Open Meetings Act, but never 2 very close together. This was the first violation: The Attorney General’s office finally found time to rule on a second (OBVIOUS) violation. This one was filed in 2019 by Karyn Smith. WEEK has the story: […]

Chamber of Commerce endorsements you need to see!

By: Diane Benjamin From the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee Facebook page: Notice a missing endorsement? No mayor of Normal? Gee, Chris Koos isn’t pro-business with his “right fit” philosophy? Chamber? Brad McMillan: McMillan teaches at Bradley: From their website: McMillian is Executive Director of the Institute for Principled Leadership in […]

Normal: Why this election matters

By: Diane Benjamin Stan Nord was on Cities 92.9 this morning talking about Mayor Chris Koos attempting to silence him Monday night. Listen at the top of the 8:00 hour: It wouldn’t be possible to locate all of the taxpayer fleeces I’ve written about under Chris Koos, but here’s a few: Normal lost $330,000 […]

“People 1st Coalition” isn’t for people

By: Diane Benjamin Hate unwanted phone calls and texts? These candidates are making them with faulty lists. If the goal is to reach like minded people, they failed: A reader got a text addressed to somebody else that included this link: Even though the text asked if they knew an election was coming for […]

Why Koos needs GONE

By: Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting was thankfully much shorter than usual, but the attacks on Stan Nord continued unabated. Start with Koos’ secret appointments to Boards and Commission. He has stated in the past appointments can’t be discussed because they are “personnel”. They are volunteers that don’t get paid, they work for […]

Heard this before?

By: Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council heard a presentation on O’Neil pool and park last night. Price tag is now $11.5-11.7 million. It is much more than replacing a pool. The two aldermen representing the west side were absent: Mollie Ward and Jenn Carrillo. Start with these few words we’ve heard before, much more […]