Local crickets on kids in cages

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

More hypocrisy from those local caring folks who just want to help. No they don’t, it’s all about political power.

November 21, 2019


Story claims more than 100 people protested government holding children who illegally crossed the border.


Charlotte Alvarez, executive director of the Immigration Project in Bloomington, told the crowd, “We’re here because we believe there should be liberty and justice for all people in society.”

Far leftist Mike Matejka had to join in:

Of course Trump was President then.

Do they know the cages were from Obama-Biden?

Kids are back in cages thanks to Joe Biden ending all the Trump policies to protect the border: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ9Wk99f9eY

So, when is the new kids in cages protest going to take place?

The above is a smuggled picture, the Biden administration is banning all photos and border control agents talking to the press.

Maybe a First Amendment rally instead?


10 thoughts on “Local crickets on kids in cages

  1. Like Paul Joseph Watson says “It’s different when THEY do it”. You won’t hear a peep out of the “usual suspects” or their sycophants and orbiting betas either.


  2. They only care when they can use the issue to create division between Americans. They obviously don’t care about the kids who are being trafficked and abused.

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  3. The most effective method to see Trump on the 2024 ballot is for ‘Stumblin’Joe’ and the effete Democrats to continue policies such as this. This self imposed border crisis, killing good Keystone jobs, eliminating public land drilling permits both resulting in high gas prices and continuing , impacting those that can afford higher prices the least plus pushing for higher taxes on individuals and businesses, is exactly how Trump will mount a return. Dems, be afraid; be very afraid!

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    1. Stick,
      You have to remember if you are reading the Pantagraph, sadly, you never saw Joe fall flat on his face, or get lost mid sentence, you don’t know anything about caged kids on the border or even that there’s a problem on the border. You never heard about lost jobs from the Keystone shutdown, you never saw the China delegation make fools of the Biden administration. You certainly never heard about a single. solitary. thing. (check it out) good about Trump through his entire term in office.

      These people have become Comfortably Numb in their echo chamber. They see our lips moving but they can’t hear a word we are saying.
      Thankyou Pantagraph.

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  4. Stick – You’re forgetting about the Ministry Of Propaganda (MSM, big tech and academia.) They will never allow Trump to return to power no matter how spectacularly Biden’s policies fail. I know many very intelligent sheep who believe the anti conservative narrative. Until and unless they personally experience the negative fallout (which is unlikely anytime soon) they will continue to be duped. Yes, I’m sadly pessimistic right now.

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