Parting gift: Tari guilty of another OMA violation

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT reported yesterday Bloomington was found guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act in 2017 for discussing ending the Metro Zone agreement with Normal in secret. The Attorney General had previously ruled it illegal, according to the article the current ruling reversed a lower court ruling. Besides the fact Justice Delayed […]

Need a Luxury Apartment?

By: Diane Benjamin How about a luxury apartment subsidized by taxpayers? Is this Normal’s version of affordable housing? 1 Uptown Circle would never have been built without taxpayer money. Normal continues to rent an entire floor for close to $36,000 a month so around 20 employees can work there. Remember when the Council named it […]

Correction: Local Democrats trying to suppress your vote

Final clarification: Farm Bureau supports 4-7 Districts while maintaining at least 20 Board members. The alternate plan to the Democrats 20 districts is not 10, it should have been 5. That was a typo on my part. The Farm Bureau claims now they aren’t supporting any plan even though I was told they were. The […]

Everyone will pay for the Underpass

By: Diane Benjamin I posted this story on April 16: Since Federal and State grants will be paying for most of Normal’s new FANCY bike trail under the railroad tracks in Uptown, even if you don’t live in Normal you have a right to comment. Buzzing around I overheard comments have been largely negative. […]

If this isn’t criminal it should be: Normal hiding from FOIA

By: Diane Benjamin Below is an email I received as part of a FOIA from Normal. Note it is entirely redacted: I’m not sure why Normal had a copy since they aren’t listed. I noticed it was written to a City of Bloomington employee, so I FOIA’d Bloomington for this email. See if you notice […]

Just some points from Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin If you thought brick streets were ever going to get a little money you’d be wrong. Mollie Ward objected to diverting the unused grants balance of $82,784 to repairs. She wants curbs made ADA compliant first. See 1:04:15. I didn’t hear an explanation from Mollie, but she amended the motion to spending […]

Renner’s final meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Two landlords appeared at Public Comment a few meetings ago complaining about being billed for City water because their tenants didn’t pay the bills. These landlords have also not been paid rent for at least a year. This information is for landlords. Proving yet again Stan Nord is capable of working with […]

What do you call a politician who votes HIS pocketbook?

By: Diane Benjamin Story from 2018: Excerpt: “Constitution Trail has been a big benefit to biking and to bike sales,” said Chris Koos, owner of Vitesse Cycle Shop in Normal. I bet you thought all those Bike Trail extensions Normal keeps making their citizens pay for while the roads are less than adequate were […]

More Fun with Sewer Billing

By: Diane Benjamin So, Bloomington was billing Normal’s customers for using the sewer system and not paying Normal. This story has links to all previous stories: Throw another twist into this story: Did the effected customer get charged more because Bloomington billed them or not enough because Normal’s rates are higher? I didn’t look […]

Nice of the Pantagraph – BUT

By: Diane Benjamin Somebody at the Pantagraph must read this site because they picked up and expanded the sewer billing fiasco between Bloomington and Normal. They even credited BlnNews for the story! You might want to read the comments: Link to both stories I wrote: What they didn’t cover is: Pam Reece and […]

Farewell Tari Renner

By: Diane Benjamin Monday will be the final meeting for: All three will be recognized at the start of the meeting. Kim’s common sense will be missed. I wonder if Joni ever figure out she was lied to? I have my own parting gifts for Tari! 1) Remember last February when Tari Renner […]

Dispelling the uninformed

By: Diane Benjamin A LONG comment was left to today’s Earth Day story that I didn’t post. Below is just the first lines and proof this person doesn’t care about facts, I left their typo: China is at the forefront of mitigating global warming. Apparently America’s exceptionalism means we blame other countries fro our lack […]

How politics works – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin See Part 1 here: h/t a reader Excerpt from April 19, 2021 Normal meeting packet: From the list of Chris Koos campaign contributions: If his address didn’t tip you off: Figure out who he works for? His real name is  Bennette Ressinke, the spelling seems to change depending […]

How politics works

By: Diane Benjamin See all first quarter campaign contribution to Chris Koos here, others might surprise you: Connect Transit will likely be announcing the new General Manager soon. They are meeting in Executive Session tomorrow for “personnel issues”.

Return to Civility by Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story? Normal City Manager Pam Reece wrote a letter to Bloomington’s City Manager claiming sewer fees had been collected by Bloomington for systems owned by Normal. It only took her 9 years to notice a problem existed. The letter was complete with a 2 page 11 point questionnaire she […]

Bloomington Fun

By: Diane Benjamin If you can’t wait to hear Public Comment from the pre-meeting concerning Jenn Carrillo’s Facebook post, just hit play below. It starts right after roll call. Another Public Comment session (much shorter) took place before the 6:00 meeting. It starts around 50:50. Jenn Carrillo was not censured last night. The 6-3 vote […]

Is this in your kids school?

The letter below was written by a parent. Tuition for the school his daughter went to was $54,000 a year. It was originally printed at: Parents, this thinking is spreading rapidly throughout the education system. Find out if it is in yours. Children are the future, kid’s indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory will not […]

Carrillo loses 6-3

By: Diane Benjamin Even though Jenn’s Democratic Socialists and Illinois People’s Action buddies appeared at public comment, the majority of the Council didn’t buy Jenn’s comments pertaining to Nick Becker and Sheila Montney had anything to do with freedom of speech. Video will be posted tomorrow, citizens did also speak appalled at her comments. You […]

Guess where Normal’s new trail money is coming from

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 51: On tonight’s Normal Town Council agenda: Will anyone mention Sprague’s Super Service hasn’t been open for the past year? Will anyone mention this trail also goes by 1 Normal Plaza where Koos buddy and campaign supporter Bob Broad (and wife Julie Hile) own property? The documentation doesn’t […]

Normal Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin The entire agenda is Omnibus which means the meeting would have been 10 minutes before Stan Nord was elected. Lately the Council has stretched meetings much longer. Bill payments can’t be discussed even though things are on the list that should be. Another almost $36000 is being paid to rent the […]

Bloomington’s Monday festivities

By: Diane Benjamin Special meeting at 5:15 I wonder if Jenn Carrillo will bother to show up? A Code of Conduct is a loser folks. The Council has no ability to do anything but censure and that did nothing to straighten out Tari Renner when he got one. The Council should instead be telling […]

Hey Normal: The Normal Town Council has never voted to build the underpass, that hasn’t stop “staff” from making it happen anyway. Citizens now have a chance to comment. Your comments will supposedly be forwarded to the Federal Railroad Administration. Read the description at the link above and then email comments to: [email protected] Utopia is only […]

Remember when Alderman Jenn Carrillo was arrested?

By: Diane Benjamin Carrillo was part of a protest in downtown Bloomington around the Law and Justice Center. She took it upon herself to use her vehicle to “protect” the protestors. She was arrested for illegal parking and disobeying a police officer. The improper parking only cost her $25: Not following the directions of a […]