More Fun with Sewer Billing

By: Diane Benjamin

So, Bloomington was billing Normal’s customers for using the sewer system and not paying Normal.

This story has links to all previous stories:

Throw another twist into this story: Did the effected customer get charged more because Bloomington billed them or not enough because Normal’s rates are higher?

I didn’t look for a history of the rates Bloomington charges, so let’s just look at 2021. Previous Council loved to pass ordinances making automatic increases every year so they don’t have to vote on them and nobody has to determine if an increase is even needed!

Mboka? Are you reading? Automatic increases are a scam, should I look up your previous votes on them?

In the previous story I showed what Normal charges now:

So what does Bloomington charge?

Isn’t that cute! Bloomington charges by cubic foot, not per 1000 gallons.

Luckily there is a math website for everything:

I figured there are 133.8 CU Ft in 1000 gallons. So now I can compare rates. 133.8 x 5 = 669 (to compare at 5000 gallons)

669 x $.0262 = $17.53 + $2.46 = $19.99 monthly charge.

In 2021, for the same 5000 gallons of sewer service:

Normal customers pay $18.30 x 12 months = $219.60

Bloomington customers pay $19.99 x 12 = $233.88

Bloomington overcharged Normal’s customers, at least in 2021! What about all the other years? The problems started at least in 2012.

Let’s see an audit figure out this mess!

Not only does Bloomington owe Normal, customer refunds might also be due! Keep it quiet though.

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