What do you call a politician who votes HIS pocketbook?

By: Diane Benjamin

Story from 2018: https://www.adaptbn.com/home/2018/6/25/going-local-vitesse-cycle-shop


“Constitution Trail has been a big benefit to biking and to bike sales,” said Chris Koos, owner of Vitesse Cycle Shop in Normal.

I bet you thought all those Bike Trail extensions Normal keeps making their citizens pay for while the roads are less than adequate were for you.

Koos doesn’t even bother to recuse himself from voting.

Conflict of interest? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “What do you call a politician who votes HIS pocketbook?

  1. Well you call them rich for one thing.
    You equate them to Ice Cream Queen Nancy Pelosi, In Their Face Maxine Waters, He Didn’t win Did He Harry Reid.
    Corrupt is another descriptor.
    Self serving instead of a public servant..
    In need of term limits for sure.

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    1. Yes, Illinois corruption is far more widespread than just Chicago/Cook County and people like Koos are part of that reason.


  2. I wondered why this questions has not been asked or why a stink hasn’t developed. Then I realized that the gown was now a integral part of the town. Notice any town-gown conflicts recently?


  3. Moos seems to think since he got elected that this is what people wanted.I think it’s because people don’t hear about what he is doing along with his yes men. Can’t be tha ignorant on what is going on. So we have our gas tax raised and that was supposed to go towards fixing our streets but we are using this for the bike trails. This is the reason there was a high turnout for voting and it was close.

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