Normal: Whining and Crying

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting last night was over TWO hours long.  Not because there was heavy discussion of spending, it was tribute night for departing Jeff Fritzen and RC McBride.  The election is still stinging the establishment!  The are worried about “the plan” and should be. The $100 a month lease […]

Local Socialists rebel!

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos must have taken his defeat Tuesday harder than he’s publicly saying.  Two new Trustees that have called out the “Plan” to buy people to move Uptown will be seated May 1.  Chris claimed he doesn’t take it as a rebuke of Town policies.   It was of course, but dictator types […]

Turnout very low and more

By:  Diane Benjamin If 10% of voters in Bloomington bother to vote I will be surprised!  Turnout is making elections a waste of time. I voted this morning.  Eight races were listed – only one had a choice.  I leave uncontested races blank since my vote doesn’t matter anyway.  Yes, we will end up losing […]

Campaign Signs on Public Property?

By:  Diane Benjamin Campaign signs are illegal to display on Public Property. Isn’t this Public Property? Guess who owns the property connected to this Public Property!  Page down . . . . . ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ The Mayor of Normal! Of course the signs are for his three chosen candidates:  Shields, McBride, and Lorenz.