One guy stood up to Koos

By: Diane Benjamin

Every citizens who wasn’t allowed to speak to THEIR council Monday night should have been outraged when Chris Koos cut off Public Comment after 30 minutes. They are making decisions that will affect your life and they don’t care what you think. The rest of the crowd should have stood up and supported this gentlemen, they didn’t because real Americans aren’t like the angry left who would have. That gave Koos the right to run over you.

Just hit play – turn up the volume because he doesn’t have a microphone:

Next jump to 2:07:05 where Scott Preston starts off the congratulations for the Trustees who won election. This was after not even thanking Stan Nord for his 4 years of service at his last meeting. Byars speaks after Lorenz and Smith cover other topics. He is followed by McCarthy and Koos.

These clowns think they have a mandate. Koos thinks he’s invincible since he now has no opposition.

3 thoughts on “One guy stood up to Koos

  1. A full slate of Koos bobbleheads now. Disgusting as to part of the intent of the Declaration of Indenpedence sought to rectify. The King Koos Klan in Normal is tyranny, through and through.

  2. Is what Koos did in cutting off public comment even legal? I know they have a rule for it, but their rules have been deemed illegal in the past. The people who were not allowed to speak Monday night need to petition the public access counselor and find out. We need an immediate answer Legal or illegal it was offensive and disgraceful but typical of this mayor and council who don’t care about the citizens there are supposed to represent. I cannot petition the counselor for them or I would. I was allowed to speak and your petition has to pertain to how the rule in question denied your rights. If I didn’t get to speak, you can bet I would have had a complaint submitted Monday night.

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