Bike Ridership Is Down Across America

By:  Diane Benjamin Are both councils stupid enough to keep doing “complete streets”?  I predict YES! After Millions of Dollars Spent and Hundreds of New Lane Miles Built, Bike Ridership Is Down Across America The 2017 American Community Survey finds the number of people biking to work is falling nationwide. Source: Excerpts: Despite spending […]

Atlanta Library’s Liquor problem

By:  Diane Benjamin The Atlanta Public Library does not have a liquor license, but that didn’t stop them from buying MANY cases since 2014.  Yes, your tax dollars paid for it since the cost was put on the Library credit card. In August an investigator from the Illinois Liquor Commission paid them a visit.  The […]

Planet Fitness-Be Aware

By:  Diane Benjamin When Target decided people could use whatever restroom or changing room matched their gender identity, it didn’t go well for them.  A national boycott led to loss of revenue.  Strange, but people don’t want to encounter people of the opposite sex in places that make them feel uncomfortable.  The Target policy means […]