International Infamy: Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

I been on the ICMA email list for years.  ICMA is INTERNATIONAL CITY/COUNTY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION.  This is the place for managers who think government solves problems.  All it takes is money, of course yours.

The daily email is a summary of what government is up to, mostly around the country, but also internationally.  It reports good happenings, like a new City Manager.  I didn’t see one for Tim Gleason though.

Also recapped are policies and news.  I can tell you moving to California shouldn’t be an option for anybody who wants to keep at least some of their money.  The lunacy there provides almost daily chuckles.

Yesterday’s edition featured Bloomington!  Keep in mind this email is not only national – it’s international.

You can see the on-line version HERE

Note what section the story is in:


A lot of the stories look like they were submitted for publication.  This one doesn’t since three media stories are linked.

Anyway, Bloomington is now famous across the country and beyond for building a loser.  Too bad none of the stories recapped the expectations before it was built.

Maybe the City did submit this story as a For Sale ad!

Maybe buyers are lining up now.

This is a link to the next conference – September 23-26th.  David Hales normally went, I don’t know if Tim Gleason plans to.

Featured is Social Equity!  Sounds like Social Justice has been renamed.










8 thoughts on “International Infamy: Bloomington

  1. Ironic day on EARTH when moon rocks are worth more then our local “civic entertainment complex” Ole Judy Markowitz sure did fix us up.
    Now IF we could just find a rich crazy person to buy it… hummmm.. ANY SUGGESTIONS??
    Maybe Koos needs another auto plant?


  2. Bloomington has quite the reputation.
    1. City with the largest pension spiking in the state of Illinois.
    2. First Bloomington mayor in history to ever be censured for his inappropriate behavior.
    Now this…$600,000.00 loss is considered having a P.ositive economic impact and is great for downtown economic development.
    This is shameful.


  3. There is an online 2018 Conference from Baltimore that costs only $299 for members—no airfare. Where is Snotty Scotty promoting the use of online services? Mr Gleason should be penalized for attending in person.


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