Gleason is going!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just a few choice picks from Bills and Payroll for approval on Monday:

From previous story:

Tim Gleason is going to the ICMA conference in Baltimore


This looks like a FOIA:

One month of legal cost sent to Springfield:


13 thoughts on “Gleason is going!


    Join the go-to event for leaders of cities, towns, and counties of all sizes around the world. The 2018 ICMA Annual Conference, in Baltimore, Maryland, September 23-26, 2018, is an indispensable forum for colleagues to interact as we pursue our common task of building sustainable communities and improving the lives of people worldwide.

    What to look forward to:
    This year’s conference will include a special focus on creating smart communities that last and where people of all ages can live and thrive together. ICMA’s 104th conference, like those before it, will offer attendees an abundance of innovative ideas and practical strategies for managing local governments in today’s complex environment while also providing countless opportunities for professional and personal renewal and networking.

    Member Price:$830.00

    Sunday, September 23rd – 3:00pm-5:00pm – Opening General Session: Daniel Pink [] “He served as an aide to Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and from 1995 to 1997 he was chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore.”

    Monday, September 24th – 8:30am–9:30am – Keynote Session: Doris Kearns Goodwin []
    Monday, September 24th – 1:30pm–2:30pm – Featured Speaker: Charles “Chuck” Marohn
    [] – “Strong Towns will never produce a street design guide for engineers. We won’t tell you an ideal population density per acre. And we aren’t available for consultancy requests; we’re a nonprofit that’s doing something bigger than just helping one town or one county. Easy, one-size-fits-all solutions FROM THE TOP DOWN are what got American towns into the mess they’re in; we want to bring you something better. (emphasis mine)

    Just a few copy/paste’s of interest.


    1. “Easy, one-size-fits-all solutions FROM THE TOP DOWN are what got American towns into the mess they’re in; we want to bring you something better. (emphasis mine)”
      Strong Towns does not support ‘FROM THE TOP DOWN.’ “Strong Towns” believes “top-down” is what has caused the mess cities are in now. Charles “Chuck” Marohn, of Strong Towns, supports common sense development which is missing from today’s economic development planners.

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  2. In response to another of Diane’s articles today, I posted: “Venezuela On the Prairie. (Without the nice weather or oil resources.).” Profoundly sad, but kinda funny….the way Bloomington, Normal, McLean County and most of Illinois are going, I can just cut and paste.

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  3. I’m all for philanthropy, but I wonder what Shirk expects in exchange for the $75k donation to the BCPA. Not convinced it’s a simple thank you card and season tickets. Aren’t they tied to Green Top? Hmm…


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