The Heartland Wind Turbine died

by:  Diane Benjamin Date of death:  September 18, 2013 Date it may rise from the dead:  November 11, 2013  (at least some time that week) The College (taxpayers) will not incur any costs to fix it. This information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. There is a little more to this story however. […]

Private Citizen Rob Fazzini

by:  Diane Benjamin Is something in the water in Bloomington? Elected Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini thinks he can be an alderman part of the time – when he wants to be – and then be a private citizen when he wants to push his ideology.  Lately he’s been telling people his outside activities are as […]

Bloomington Housing Authority fails to file reports

At least that’s what the Comptroller’s website says.

NBC/WSJ latest poll numbers

As normally happens, Democrats were over-polled (see the end of the survey) You can look at the entire poll here and draw your own conclusions, instead of the ones the press is going to tell you: Some results make little sense: What changed during October to make a few more people think we are […]

Spending per student for area School Districts

The following information is from the Warehouse website of Judy Baar Topinka, Illinois Comptroller EAV is Estimated Assessed Value (Property) Bloomington SD 87 2011 What is the total population served/school enrollment 5,400 What is the total EAV of Bloomington $866,675,375 Total Appropriations                               […]

Barack is desperate!

This is an email I received.  Obama is possessed with hatred for the Koch Brothers, even though the money they spend is far less than left sympathizers like George Soros.  Read the email, then ask yourself “What happened to kids can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26”?  Then ask yourself how many […]

More Common Core indoctrination

School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Officials Must Be Obeyed By All” Steve Watson Oct 29, 2013 A parent of a ten year old was shocked to discover a grammar and writing test paper that their child brought home from school reads more like document from an authoritarian country such as China. The […]

Obama, Congress Owe Snowden Thanks, and a Pardon

Note:  This is from a left-leaning site. The comments to the article are worth reading. by:  Robert Scheer Now we know that even the president needs leaks from Edward Snowden to be fully informed about the dastardly acts of his own top spy agency. It was Snowden’s recent revelations that led Obama to order […]

Is Chicago using illegal voting machines?

The need for quality voting systems is universally accepted, but not universally attended to within the election jurisdictions across America. So often we speak of frustration over election security, but our ability to truly touch the system is channeled through the role of poll watchers and election judges. Important roles, but they only cover a […]

The Truth about the Teacher’s Retirement System

and why Gary Niehaus wants to retire early Even if Illinois pension funds see investment returns that exceed expectations, that still won’t be enough to plug the largest fund’s hole. The Teachers’ Retirement System reported its pension underfunding grew to $55.73 billion as of June 30, 2013 — an increase of more than $3.5 billion […]

BCPA – who are they feeding?

by:  Diane Benjamin I reported previously on Like-Kind exchanges at the BCPA. The BCPA listed like-kind exchanges with both The Garlic Press and Lucca Grill for $2500.  The BCPA would provide advertising in exchange for food supplied by both. I sent the following Freedom of Information Act request to the City of Bloomington: Details […]

Another edition of “Guess who visited this site?”

I can’t tell individuals who read this site, but many large businesses and government agencies reveal their name instead of just the internet provider.  Below is a sample of strange visitors.  Evidently the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Spring Hill Florida liked the last edition.  JP Morgan Chased liked yesterday’s story on the $100,000+ Illinois […]

Memories of How Tom Cross brought Obamacare to IL two years early

by:  Illinois TEA Party Recently, Republican Tom Cross “forgot” that he brought Obamacare to Illinois two years early.  Former GOP Leader Tom Cross is currently running for State Treasurer against  Dupage County Auditor Bob Grogan. Bob Grogan is the DuPage County Auditor, a CPA, and a Certified Fraud Examiner, who has both public and private financial sector experience.  […]

Are Christians To Blame For Today’s America?

by Dave Jolly When I look at America today and see the mess it’s in, I can’t help but blame Christians and not the liberals.  Yes, you may be shocked and outraged by my statement, but allow me to explain. Since the 1960s when the Supreme Court started ruling against God, the Bible, prayer, Jesus and […]

Mark Kirk supports Dick Durbin for re-election

I guess you have to read it yourself since WLS doesn’t want anybody copying their site: Looks like his stroke did a LOT of damage!  

Niehaus & Reilly – taxpayers put them in the top 2%

by:  Diane Benjamin Earlier today I posted information from For the Good of Illinois  ( concerning teacher/administrator salaries and pensions.  Both Unit 5 and District 87 administrators made the list of top 200 in the State.  In 2012 there were 866 school districts.  How do your salary increases compare to school administrators?  I hope you […]


  TOTAL EMPLOYEE PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS:       $697.34 MILLION TOTAL FIRST YEAR PENSIONS:                                  $561.48 MILLION (Average Time for return of employee contributions: 15 months)   Visit our interactive “$100,000 Educator Pension Map” Click Here (Search by Retiree or […]

Lisa Madigan: Protecting the citizens? NOPE!

by Diane Benjamin From Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s website: Attorney General Lisa Madigan believes that an open, honest and accountable government, the cornerstone of a democracy, can be achieved only through the free and open exchange of information between government and the public. In Illinois, our most important transparency laws – the Freedom of Information […]

Weekend fun – Sort of

How Bloomington can save a TON of money

by:  Diane Benjamin The following graphs are from One thing that aggravates citizens more than anything else is government employees getting things the private sector would never consider. Most, if not all, Bloomington employees and accumulate sick days and get paid for them when they retire.  Any private companies do that?  How about basing […]

Desperation at

The website doesn’t work, the cost isn’t affordable, the penalty is MUCH less, the deductibles mean the insurance will probably never pay out a dime – but the people exposing the truth are “shady groups”? Erin Hannigan, To Me   Today at 2:32 PM There are 17 million uninsured young Americans who are now eligible to […]

Robin Leach came here to escape socialism-hear his take on Obama

I wish I could find a “clean” video, but it’s not available.

Dan Brady voted against this bill.

Ask him why, he’s got a story.  None of it has anything to do with the Campaign Contributions from the Teachers Union.  Does showing up everywhere make a good legislator?  Evidently, nobody is running against him again.  He had a chance to free around 30,000 Chicago kids from rotten schools and the teacher’s union.  He […]

What you can do NOW for Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin If government really is For the People and By the People – the PEOPLE need to take participate. Here’s your chance. Term Limits – Term Limits – Term Limits! If you really believe in term Limits – do something to make that happen.  Signatures of Registered Voters are needed to get a […]

Taxed Enough Already

by:  Diane Benjamin A friend in Florida just called.  Other than bragging about the temperature getting down to 70 degrees last night, he had an interesting report for me.  Nobody knows what TEA Party stands for! He was having breakfast at a restaurant this morning when the TEA Party came up.   His companion didn’t […]

Holding a gun to the Republican’s head

by:  Diane Benjamin The Democrats called Republicans terrorist, hostage takers, and many other vile names when the GOP wanted to delay the implementation of ObamaCare.  The President said he would not negotiate with people holding a gun to his head. I’m not even sure it’s been 2 weeks since those comments.  How things change!  Have […]

Bloomington can’t collect $513,722.53, but they don’t know from whom?

by Diane Benjamin The Trial Balance from 4/30/2012 has an entry to write-off Uncollectible Accounts:  (Click to enlarge) I asked for details since this entry says nothing about why over half a million dollars was deemed uncollectible. Here’s the response I received:  In regards to item #3, the Finance Dept. has advised that they do […]

Is Bloomington lying on my latest FOIA, or just incompetent

by:  Diane Benjamin Since the Financial Statements for the City of Bloomington have very little detail, and even less information is available on-line, I have to file Freedom of Information Act requests for information. Lately many sources have been saying David Hales saved the city.  I’m looking at page after page of expenses only entered […]

Dick Durbin: Head Liar

Maybe he’s still behind the other DC liar from Illinois, but not by much. WH: Durbin story ‘did not happen’ By Justin Sink White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday flatly denied that a House Republican told President Obama “I cannot even stand to look at you” during negotiations over the government shutdown. “It […]

Why are Democrats terrified of the TEA Party?

by:  Diane Benjamin Not just Democrats, Republicans too are terrified of the TEA Party too.  The TEA Party supposedly has low approval ratings, but the message of the TEA Party does not.  TEA people want government to live within their means.  Oh, the horror!  We want the Constitution followed and people who abuse their power […]

How much does Bloomington Parks and Rec cost?

by:  Diane Benjamin The policy of the City of Bloomington has long been to subsidize many activities.   I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but citizens should be aware of what they are subsidizing.  I’ve done a lot of these summaries so you are aware.  If I ever finish them all, I will […]

Fly on the Wall – Greenburg’s gone!

I hear Todd Greenburg is out as Bloomington’s City Attorney. Celebrate Bloomington, you won’t be paying for unjustified lawsuits anymore! Think Julie Crowe and her taxi service that was denied Think the Bob Wall incident he wanted to keep quiet Think the Scott Oglesby case that Bloomington is going to lose Think the executive session minutes […]

Does Bloomington Aquatics make any money?

by:  Diane Benjamin I getting used to the talking points – it’s not suppose to!  Oh, REALLY? According to the City of Bloomington website, they operate 2 pools Holiday and O’Neil.  They offer swimming lesson and they rent boats at Miller Park.  I have no idea why some expenses are listed under identical accounts.  Is […]

If you care about your kids the establishment #GOP is finished

by:  Diane Benjamin Conservatives did not want John McCain.  Then he picked Sarah Palin for VP.  Soon after he muzzled her, she was not allowed to fight Obama or Biden. Conservatives did not want Mitt Romney.  He fought hard in the primary debates against the conservatives running for the nomination.  Once he secured it, he […]

Bloomington taxes you don’t see

by:  Diane Benjamin This information is from Fiscal Year 2012.  David Hales wants ALL businesses in Bloomington to be licensed!

The 10 Rules In The Establishment Republican Handbook

By:  John Hawkins 1) There is nothing ever worth fighting for except Democrat policies: If you’re going to fight for something, make sure you’re fighting your own base to help the Democrats achieve some policy goal that makes Tea Partiers want to stab themselves in their eyes. This makes you appear reasonable to the mainstream media […]

ATTENTION Main Stream Media. Regarding Obamacare, I TOLD YOU SO.

by: C Steven Tucker  Back on August 3rd, 2013 I wrote a piece exposing what I stated then will soon happen to millions of Americans if we do not support the Tea Party and Republican lead effort to defund Obamacare. In that piece, I stated when President Obama promised – “If you like your plan, you can […]

Fly on the Wall: Normal Tax Increase

I hear Normal’s investments aren’t performing as predicted, so they need an 11% property tax increase! How are your investments?  How’s your income, for the last 5 years a whole lot of people have seen decreases.  Have your hours been cut to part-time?  Are you under-employed?  Are groceries costing more?  How about gas?  You aren’t […]

Ted Cruz Receives 8-Minute Standing Ovation In Return To TX After Shutdown Battle

Ted Cruz is being attacked because he is doing what he was elected to do.  That scares both Democrats and Republicans, they would prefer Mitt Romney types that won’t challenge the establishment.  Cruz’s approval ratings are skyrocketing among conservatives. SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, […]

33 Stats You Won’t Believe About The National Debt

By Michael Snyder (The American Dream) The U.S. national debt is 36 times larger than it was just 40 years ago.  That is not a misprint.  That is actually the truth.  We are literally destroying the future of America, but most Americans don’t really seem to care.  In fact, the most hated politicians in America are the Tea Party […]

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