Private Citizen Rob Fazzini

by:  Diane Benjamin

Is something in the water in Bloomington?

Elected Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini thinks he can be an alderman part of the time – when he wants to be – and then be a private citizen when he wants to push his ideology.  Lately he’s been telling people his outside activities are as a “private citizen”.

Rob, what would happen if you dinner ate out, drink for too much, drive home, and got a DUI – can you claim you were acting as a private citizen and keep your Council seat?  Or, would you would claim you are an alderman and deserve special privileges.  An alderman when you want to be Rob?

Rob, can you say something really stupid outside the Council Chambers and expect the press not to print it because you are speaking as a private citizen?  Try it and see what happens!2546916

Alderman Jim Fruin evidently has the same philosophy since he has teamed up with Fazzini to change the Council structure.  Maybe the east-side of town is to blame.  Maybe they think they can write their own rules.  Maybe they think the citizens won’t notice the idiocy.

Let me see if I can make this really easy for you Rob:  Can you imagine your idol Barack Obama saying he is speaking as a private citizen?  He won an election just like you!  How about Governor Quinn?  Is there ever a time when their off-duty shenanigans doesn’t make front page news?  Is there something special about you?  Do you have a magic light switch that flips you from public figure to private citizen?

Rob and Jim, if you want to be private citizens I know a LOT of people that would approve.  Go for it!

In the meantime – nobody is buying your private citizen act.  You are trying to change the Council you sit on.  Do you have some big spending friends you want to join you?  You haven’t been able to convince the rest of Council to borrow more money because interest rates are low.  Are you looking for more votes?  Maybe the Council isn’t jumping at your idea because they understand whatever you borrow YOU HAVE TO PAY BACK!

If you don’t know, Rob and Jim want to get petitions signed to change Bloomington into a Modified Ward system.  Isn’t the best government where your representative is closest to the people?  Isn’t that the system Bloomington has now Rob?

How would alderman get elected under Rob’s plan?  Campaign in the entire City?  Run radio ads?  Newspaper ads?  It’s pretty obvious only people with money would run.   Rob claims this effort is for Transparency in Government.  I guess nobody has asked Rob how this leads to transparency.  Rob is already organizing “Letters to the Editor”, Media interviews, signature parties at IWU and Westminster Village, and recruiting union help.

Rob:  Transparent would be releasing the Executive Committee minutes you voted NOT to.  Transparent would be telling David Hales to make sure Freedom of Information Act requests are completely and accurately complied with.  Transparent would be NOT violating the Open Meetings Act because you think you are above the law.

Adding rich members to the Council does nothing for transparency!  Tell “Private Citizens” Fazzini and Fruin you aren’t buying their charade.




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  1. That has been the problem,!! Jim Fruin, and Rob Fazzini, have been spearheads of the !!Rubber Stamp 5 !! Spend thrift, ( on all the wrong things ) thinking the rest of the citizen are like them, WHAT MAKES THEM TICK ? Like I said before, and has started!!, until they clean house at City Hall nothing will change

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