Welcome to the future of ObamaCare!

UK DOCTOR’S HORRIFYING ADMISSION REVEALS HOW SICK & DISABLED BABIES ARE PUT ON ‘DEATH PATHWAYS’, DEPRIVED OF FOOD & FLUID FOR 10 DAYS Sick children and even disabled newborn babies, are reportedly being discharged from NHS hospitals in England only to die  slowly at home or in hospices in an unfathomable manner. The innocent children […]

#ILGOP ready to support illegal aliens driving!

The Illinois GOP is going to support giving illegal aliens a drivers license!  Anybody surprised?  Your GOP representatives won’t care, but try calling anyway! More reasons they shouldn’t: Providing illegal aliens driver’s licenses would not increase road safety or decrease the number of uninsured drivers on the road.  New Mexico issues driver’s licenses to illegal […]

Facts about the fiscal cliff

Total receipts to the Federal Government for 2013 are estimated at $2.9 Trillion – the highest in history. (1) Estimated 2013 deficit: $1 Trillion based on current tax rates (2) Estimated 2013 deficit if we do “go over the fiscal cliff” based on required spending cuts and tax increases:  $641 billion (3) Obama’s offer:  $1.6 Trillion in […]

A Glimpse of the Future – And There Is Hope

By Editor-in-Chief on November 28, 2012 http://www.ice-news.net/2012/11/28/a-glimpse-of-the-future-and-there-is-hope/ I was born and raised, as were my parents, in the City of Chicago. The family was an FDR Democrat-leaning working-class household. There were four children – three of which became, long before they were even old enough to vote, dedicated conservatives, therefore, Republicans. Why? Because we witnessed firsthand the dangers […]

You can’t escape Agenda 21

Now you need to Remodel for Sustainability!   Questions:  Who decided we weren’t sustainable?  Who appointed anybody to be in charge of deciding what is and what isn’t sustainable?  Why are their opinions forced on you?  Bloomington – Where to you think the idea of requiring sprinklers in new construction came from?  Note the word “vision”, that would be the one […]