Benghazi Investigation – Missing the BIG picture!

While Congress looks at who changed the language Ambassador Rice tried to con the nation with, while Petraeus in under investigation for an affair, while Obama claims they didn’t know it was terrorism – even though the attack was watched live . . .

The BIG picture is totally missed:

Getting lost in the Susan Rice talking points controversy are the still remaining questions of exactly WHAT Americans were actually doing in Benghazi.  Was their arms sales going on?  Is it possible the Obama administration was aiding terrorists in obtaining weapons to be used in Syria?  Was the Benghazi compound being used as some kind of CIA-run terrorist holding cell as was recently suggested?  Why was there no official cause of death from an American doctor for slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens?  Upon his body being returned to the United States it was quickly disposed of.  Why so little interest among the Obama administration into how exactly Ambassador Stevens died – or was killed?  Was he tortured?  Were any of the other Americans killed during the attack tortured or their bodies brutalized in some way?

Who knew what – and when?



Where is our media now to demand answers of Barack Obama just as they did decades ago from Richard Nixon?  Watergate did not kill anyone.  The Benghazi massacre killed four, (THAT WE KNOW OF)  and its influence will likely kill yet more…

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