Fly on the Wall – the Koos Family

Why did Carol Koos write a Letter to the Editor supporting Write-In guy? First Chris Koos write’s on the guys Facebook page: Chris Koos wrote on write-in’s timeline: Jamie. You’re on a hard path. I’m not supposed to cross borders, but this just makes sense. Good luck! Then Carol Koos writes a supporting letter! Congrats Bloomington!  You […]

Why did the Chamber of Commerce support the big spenders?

This article explains why the Chamber of Commerce isn’t looking out for you – they want government spending!  The people they endorsed epitomize their goal.  Don’t miss the 2nd story below. Pro-Business Does Not Mean Pro-Freedom or Pro-Market Representatives of the business community frequently are the worst enemies of freedom. They often seek special subsidies and handouts, […]

Comparing the States

by Diane Benjamin Yesterday I posted a link showing how free each states is: The Tax Foundation issued a report comparing the states.  The full report is available: North Dakota is the most free state, Illinois ranked 45th out of 50.  Indiana is 16th, Indiana was chosen because of it’s proximity to Illinois. Tax […]


Pat Buchanan: Nation is sharply divided on serious issues of morality “Not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease […]

Antiquated accounting hides true pension debt

Pension solution requires Truth In Accounting MARCH 15, 2013 | by Richard Lorenc | REBOOT ILLINOIS Reposted from Reboot Illinois. While waiting out a surprise snowstorm at the airport earlier this week, I caught a glimpse of a cable news show featuring a large headline that read, “585 days since we lost our AAA rating.” The rating downgrade, […]

Freedom in the 50 States Scroll WAY down for Illinois Freedom isn’t lost because of the elected on the state level – it starts with the local crowd.  Still going to sit out the April 9th election?  We deserve what we vote, or don’t vote for! Rankings – Overall 1.North Dakota+4 2.South Dakota-1 3.Tennessee= 4.New Hampshire-2 5.Oklahoma-1 6.Idaho+11 7.Missouri-1 8.Virginia+1 […]