It has become apparent that the report RNC Chair Reince Priebus commissioned several months ago to find out what went wrong in 2012 was not a “fact finding” mission at all, but rather a “finger pointing” mission.

Atlanta Tea Party Co-Chairman Debbie Dooley states, “Allowing the persons responsible for the 2012 election “fiasco” to be the ones to actually assign blame was irresponsible and demonstrated Chairman Priebus was not serious about finding out the real cause for the GOP’s defeat in 2012. Can you imagine the public outcry if a surgeon, that lost a patient due to his incompetence, was the one the hospital assigned the task of finding out what went wrong?”


Atlanta Tea Party Co-Chairman Julianne Thompson states, “The problem has never been with the conservative message. The problems in 2012 were the messengers. The messengers could not effectively articulate conservatism because they were not passionate about it.”


We are glad the RNC is addressing the need for a more effective ground [game] and the need for more outreach. Dooley states, “Watching the differences in the RNC ground game in 2012 and the Obama Campaign ground game was like watching mall cops battle Navy Seals.”


In 2010, the tea party drove the agenda and conservatives won historic victories. In 2012, the Romney Campaign and RNC shunned the tea party and led the agenda. They lost an election that should have been easily won. […] The RNC let conservatives down with their ground game in 2012 and we can’t afford to rely on them any longer. 2014 and 2016 are just around the corner…

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