Racist Code

By:  Diane Benjamin A sociologist At Illinois Wesleyan University has written a book about the TEA Party.   No, I have no plans to read it, and yes I did talk to the author.  Just the blurb on the IWU website says everything I need to know.  https://www.iwu.edu/news/2015/sociologist-sheds-light-on-tea-party.html When RACE is in the title of […]

Events THIS week

Tonight: Tea Party meeting – 6:30 – The Launch Pad, 315 E Front Who doesn’t support the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already!)?  Democrats, Establishment Republican, Main Stream Media, Communist Party USA, Socialist Party, etc etc Are you on the RIGHT side of history?  Flamingos will be available! . Thursday: Dennis Michael Lynch – Decatur – […]

Why are Democrats terrified of the TEA Party?

by:  Diane Benjamin Not just Democrats, Republicans too are terrified of the TEA Party too.  The TEA Party supposedly has low approval ratings, but the message of the TEA Party does not.  TEA people want government to live within their means.  Oh, the horror!  We want the Constitution followed and people who abuse their power […]

33 Stats You Won’t Believe About The National Debt

By Michael Snyder (The American Dream) The U.S. national debt is 36 times larger than it was just 40 years ago.  That is not a misprint.  That is actually the truth.  We are literally destroying the future of America, but most Americans don’t really seem to care.  In fact, the most hated politicians in America are the Tea Party […]

How the Tea Party Can Save America and the World – a Plea From New Zealand

Submitted by Trevor on July 3, 2013 – 8:31 am EST Many Tea Partiers and American patriots understand that the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance. No melodrama here. If the US loses its position as the world’s number one military super power, another country, or countries, will take its place. Realistically, […]

One fourth of Obama supporters think Tea Party is biggest terror threat facing America

By Meghan Keenan /// June 27, 2013 http://redalertpolitics.com/2013/06/27/one-fourth-of-obama-supporters-think-tea-party-is-biggest-terror-threat-facing-america/ Although the Tea Party may not be viewed very favorably by many liberals, it’s still surprising to find out that a quarter of Obama supporters may actually view the movement as the biggest terrorist threat facing the nation. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 26 percent of Obama supporters ranked the Tea […]

Of course Obama knew

by:  Diane Benjamin Think back to 2009.  Obama was swept into office by a troubled electorate determined to end the GOP domination.  Everything was George Bush’s fault, but that’s another story. The Democrats not only had the presidency, but both houses of Congress.  They were elated as they set out to create their socialist utopia.  The […]


by JOEL B. POLLAK 17 May 2013 In the midst of the scandal over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unconstitutional and likely criminal targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups, the Wall Street Journal released some fascinating data about the comparative performance of the U.S. and European economies. Both fell and rose at roughly the same pace from 2008 to […]


Are we really surprised by all the revelations emerging detailing tyranny and abuses of power coming from the Obama administration and various federal government agencies? Well, AWD isn’t! You know what you get when you put a Chicago socialist community organizer raised on anti-American extortion thuggery? Barack Hussein Obama! Obama’s dirty deeds done not so […]

Tea Party 1, Obama 0 – 2013 Edition

By Rob Meltzer For all the claims that Obama was riding on a crest of political popularity, and that the GOP was about to experience NRA blowback, and that the Tea Party had drifted away, and that a golden era of liberal socialism was sweeping away the Republican world, a philandering despicable Tea Party candidate, Mark […]


It has become apparent that the report RNC Chair Reince Priebus commissioned several months ago to find out what went wrong in 2012 was not a “fact finding” mission at all, but rather a “finger pointing” mission. Atlanta Tea Party Co-Chairman Debbie Dooley states, “Allowing the persons responsible for the 2012 election “fiasco” to be […]

Americans Against the TEA Party

by:  Diane Benjamin The media and Democrats love to declare the TEA Party DEAD.  Then, why is there an entire FACEBOOK page called Americans Against the TEA Party? Below is a post done after Hillary Clinton testified before Congress yesterday. There are a few conservative comments, but I can assure you the persons who made […]

What’s the Future of the TEA Party?

CSteven Tucker 4:16pm Nov 5 I have had reporters and other individuals ask me: “Steve, what is the future of the Tea Party movement if Mitt Romney wins?” Here is my response: The core focus of the Tea Party movement will be ridding the Republican party of the “Progressive” a.k.a. Statist poison that has infiltrated […]

Tea Party Groups Predicting a Romney Victory

Most disregard polls and say Romney will win in a ‘landslide’ By TOM GANTERT | Nov. 6, 2012 |  Follow Tom Gantert on Twitter Three years ago, Jim Chiodo stood in front of a couple thousand people at a tea party rally in Battle Creek, grabbed a pamphlet and used it as an impromptu bullhorn as he led the crowd in […]

Maybe Rodney Davis should have asked conservatives for help – not the GOP

Dear We’re 13 days away. That’s it. 13 days to take back the 13th District. 13 days to show Rodney that we’re not intimidated by his millions in lies and distortions. 13 days to prove our commitment to Medicare, Social Security, and the middle class. A new poll has me winning by 9% and today we surpassed […]

“Why is the Tea Party destroying the Republican Party?”

By JOE SCARBOROUGH | 10/21/12 12:57 PM EDT http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1012/82677.html That’s a leading question that I have been asked repeatedly from media pundits and Democratic politicians over the past three years. Over that time, Democratic politicians and media pundits have almost universally accused the Tea Party of bringing ruin to the Grand Old Party. According to this skewed […]

Debate 1 – Here We Go!!!

By Craig Andresen on October 3, 2012 at 7:12 am Domestic Policy. That’s the topic of tonight’s first debate between the contenders for the presidency. Domestic Policy. Obama will be spinning faster than the centrifuges in Iran. He’s tried NOT to talk about Domestic Policy as the economy continues to drag itself along, barely alive. […]


The Tea Party is regularly ridiculed and declared “dead” by the mainstream press and their elitist allies in Washington and Hollywood. Not surprisingly, when Tea Partiers show up and rally by the thousands, they get all but ignored, while 30 Occupy Wall Street crazies in masks will always get wall-to-wall coverage and admiration. TV shows […]

Another First-hand Report from the RNC Convention

Jackie Johnson was a delegate to the RNC and is a faithful Tea Party supporter. The following is first-hand evidence from her Facebook page of the duplicity of the RNC: Jackie Johnson This was awful today. Just awful. Our entire WI delegation–establishment,​ TP, Paulies, everyone from the top down–was UNITED in our desire to vote those […]

End Gridlock in DC? Not a chance unless . .

by Diane Benjamin The present Congress will NEVER get along – here’s why: Click this link:  Progressive Caucus This page was printed from the DSAUSA website – see the right top corner.  What is DSAUSA?  Democratic Socialists of America!  It lists all the members of Congress who were members of DSAUSA-the list is from the […]