Taxed Enough Already

by:  Diane Benjamin

A friend in Florida just called.  Other than bragging about the temperature getting down to 70 degrees last night, he had an interesting report for me.  Nobody knows what TEA Party stands for!

He was having breakfast at a restaurant this morning when the TEA Party came up.   His companion didn’t know that TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already.

They then surveyed other patrons of the restaurant.  NOBODY knew what TEA Party stood for.  They all thought the TEA Party was nuts until they found out it stands for



The patrons had a total change of attitude when they found out the truth.  I have no idea how they can’t know, but at least now they do.  My friend suggested the TEA Party quit using the name and go for the Taxed Enough Already Party.  In case you didn’t know, it’s not a party – it’s a philosophy:  Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.  If government stayed within these parameters, they wouldn’t need tax increases.

Local government wants massive tax increases:  Bloomington, Normal, McLean County, District 87, Unit 5, Connect Transit, Library, and even private groups who think you should pay.

Isn’t it time you stood up and said you are: TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY?





One thought on “Taxed Enough Already

  1. Sadly, I heard a liberal host just last week refer to the TEA Party as an actual 3rd political party. They were like, they’ll die down just like the libertarian party and the green party.

    How does he have a job? seriously

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