What you can do NOW for Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin

If government really is For the People and By the People – the PEOPLE need to take participate. Here’s your chance.

Term Limits – Term Limits – Term Limits!

If you really believe in term Limits – do something to make that happen.  Signatures of Registered Voters are needed to get a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot next year.  It’s NOT difficult to get 10 signatures – especially for Term Limits.  Directions are on the website, or ask me if you have questions.

See this website:  http://reformandtermlimits.org/

Download the petition here:  ill.petition9.3.20132512386

Defeat Tom Cross

Are you sick of politicians sucking a living from taxpayers?  Running for offices they aren’t qualified for?  Doing nothing to reform Illinois?

How about Tom Cross helping Democrats to implement ObamaCare early in Illinois?  http://nakeddc.com/2012/06/27/illinois-tries-to-implement-obamacare-two-years-early-but-its-all-a-tea-party-hoax-or-something/

Now Mr. Cross thinks he can waltz into Dan Rutherford’s job as State Treasurer.

There is a MUCH more qualified guy running in the GOP primary:  Bob Grogan.

From Bob:
It is vital that the State Treasurer’s office stay in Republican hands.  As the DuPage County Auditor, a CPA, and a Certified Fraud Examiner, I strongly believe that I am the best candidate to help tackle our state’s fiscal problems. With both public and private financial sector experience, I am uniquely qualified to safeguard and manage state investments for taxpayers.
After years of bond downgrades and mismanagement, our state government has lost the trust of both Wall Street and Main Street.  Is it any surprise that Illinois in its history has never elected a CPA as its State Treasurer?  Our party talks about putting forward a fresh face to the voters.  Well, I am that fresh face.  I am not a career politician; I am just a hard-working guy who knows how to be Treasurer. 
Bob is a guy worth fighting for!  Download his petition here: GroganPetition-Inst_2014p
If you have any questions about petitions, see the instructions on the back of the petition form or call his campaign office at 630-412-1997. Website:  www.VoteGrogan.com.

Illinois’s future depends on how bad you want change.  

2 petitions are a minor investment in your future, but it can bring the change we need!

If you don’t care:





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