Good News

By: Diane Benjamin Town of Normal employees didn’t get Christmas gift cards this year. In 2017 Normal spent $25,048, in 2018 $25,040, in 2019 $23,920. This year is what citizens who aren’t allowed to work by their government expect: $0.00. More Good News: The far left isn’t afraid to tell you what […]

The early voting sham starts Thursday

By:  Diane Benjamin The actual election is November 6th, but thanks to the Illinois progressives, voting starts September 27th. Yep, some people can’t get to the polls without over a month of voting. The purpose of early voting is to make sure people vote before any news comes out that might change their mind.  Votes […]

REALLY believe in Term Limits?

By:  Diane Benjamin Why do voters have to hold their noses when they vote in November? Why are the same people on the ballot election after election after election? Because you really don’t believe in term limits! Primary elections are where term limits happen.  Yes, you need to pick which party to vote for.  Voting […]

Debate: Mike Flynn on term limits

By:  Diane Benjamin This comment by Mike Flynn is one of my favorites from last night’s debate.  Darin LaHood refused to say how many terms he would serve. After the debate Fistbump tried to ask LaHood again for a number instead of rhetoric about supporting term limits – he got shoved by LaHood campaign manager.    

Another view of Term Limits

by:  Diane Benjamin Unless Mike Madigan is successful at getting the question off the ballot, Term Limits will be up for vote in November. Some people say Term Limits are being pushed to get rid of Mike Madigan.  That is probably true.  I poll watched a Madigan precinct a few years ago.  Unless he dies […]

Mule Trading

Curtis & Leroy saw an ad in the Starkville Daily in Starkville , MS and bought a mule for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day. The next morning the farmer drove up and said,”Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night.” Curtis & Leroy replied, “Well, then […]