Fake Republican: Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin

43 Illinois House members claim to be Republican.  http://www.ilhousegop.org/members

Obviously few Illinois Republicans are also Conservative.  The votes below prove why the Republicans are in the minority in Illinois and probably always will be.  Many Republicans voted with Democrats to steal more money from you.  Living within your means and pensions reform (that is bleeding tax dollars) isn’t Republican ideology.  Most are merely placeholders getting paid handsomely to hang out in Springfield.  Voting for many Republicans in Illinois is no different than voting for Democrats.

Three bills included 20 tax and fee hikes – SB 690, SB 689, SB 1939

These bills amount to handing Springfield another $4.6 billion.

The vote on SB 690 was 87-27  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/votehistory/101/house/10100SB0690_06012019_031000T.pdf

The vote on SB 689 was 107 to 9  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/votehistory/101/house/10100SB0689_06012019_028000T.pdf

The vote on SB 1939 was 83-29  with one voting present (a Republican) http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/votehistory/101/house/10100SB1939_06012019_032000T.pdf

Mike Madigan voted YES on SB 689, he didn’t vote on the other two.

If you need help getting to sleep tonight, you can read the text of all 3 bills here:  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/default.asp

Dan Brady is in GOP leadership in the House

Dan Brady voted YES on all three bills

Highlighted below are some of the increased taxes and fees you will be paying:

Source:  https://www.illinoispolicy.org/20-tax-and-fee-hikes-totaling-4-7-billion-coming-soon-for-illinoisans/

brady tax 1brady tax 2

Everytime you fill up your gas tank and pay more tax, thank Dan Brady.

When your license plate sticker costs $50 more this year, thank Dan Brady.

When internet Sales tax is higher, thank Dan Brady.

Dan Brady will never fight for REAL reforms.

Brady needs term limited now.  The Illinois primary is March 17.  Brady has a conservative opponent:  David Paul Blumenshine.

Are you going to waste your vote sending a pretend Republican back to Springfield?

If yes, you must be planning on leaving the State.  Dan Brady is why many have.  People know the current Republican Party will never fight for them.

Voting for a guy who stays in office only because he shows up everywhere isn’t smart!

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12 thoughts on “Fake Republican: Dan Brady

  1. If you are a conservative, Brady is truly the enemy.

    Ask him about pension reform sometime and listen to him quickly change the subject.

  2. Well David Paul Blumenshine doesn’t respond to emails on his website. We don’t need another one not listening to what the people want.

    1. He and his wife are very good about responding on Facebook – even to obvious trolls. I’ll remind them to check website email as well. May I ask what issue(s) you were asking about?

  3. Republicans eat their own. Typical. You then wonder why Republicans are a minority in this state. Maybe we gave a Republican governor a chance only to fail miserably, leaving us in huge debt. What exactly do you think a junior member of the assembly would be able to accomplish? Not much. I guess you’re so desperate for money you’re trying to get your readers on fixed incomes to contribute.

    1. Farmer Dean, are you aware that the last time our state had a balance budget was 2001? Dan’s first year in office. In fact we have only realized a balanced budget 15 times out of the last 47 years. Our experienced legislators under Speaker Madigan’s gavel have created the financial crisis that has created the largest out migration of any other state, over 250 Billion in unfunded liabilities and we lead the nation in overall taxation.

  4. These bills would have passed even if Brady voted “No”. So, the obvious question is why did he vote “Yes”? I’ll stop there. Politically, a vote against the increase sales tax for remote and online retailers could have given him some heat from the local Chamber of Commerce and small business brick-and-mortar crowd that whine and complain about online businesses “stealing” their customers, though they refuse to get with the times and offer e-commerce themselves. [SMH]

  5. Dear Robert: I do see the emails you sent yesterday. With the number of emails and questions you have, I am wondering if it would be easier for us to sit down for a cup of coffee.

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