How did Bill Brady Vote?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story first:

Billie voted NO on 2 of the 3 bills.  He voted Yes on the BIG one!

Thank Billie when you fill up your gas tank.

Thank Billie when your plate sticker costs $50 bucks more this year.  Remember just a few years ago when it was $48?  Now thanks to fake Republicans voting with Democrats, the piece of sticky plastic is $151.

We have a trailer hubby uses to haul the riding mower to church to keep the grass looking good.  The plate sticker was $18, thanks to the fake Republican who actually believed money can’t be found anywhere for roads without fleecing the citizens, this year that plate is $118.

Thanks Billie

I’m thrilled you were never governor.

See the vote here:

EVERY Republican voted Yes!  Congrats Illinois.  The Republican party is immaterial. 

They could have kept a united front and demanded reforms or let the Dems pass these bills without them.  They have plenty of votes to pass bills without any help from Republicans.  We could have completely blamed the Democrats for the massive tax increases and the exodus of taxpayers that followed.  

Now We Can’t do that

We were robbed by both parties

Bill Brady is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate

Republicans now have zero to run on for 2020.

They also don’t have a plan or anyone capable of creating one.

I hope a Democrat runs against Billie.  There is no difference, so go ahead and elect the democrat.  Maybe somebody with morals, values, and common sense will step up later.

One more note:  Jason Barickman voted YES too.  Ask him why, the answer will be to fix the roads.  Sounds just like Bloomington only spending taxes they increased on roads!

Read the bill here:






8 thoughts on “How did Bill Brady Vote?

  1. The effete GOP in Illinois is a dog with no teeth…..and a small dog at that. I would rather vote for my neighbor’s cat that either Brady. And, you’re exact correct about Dan Brady crab walking away from any discussion as to when the General Assembly will talk pension reform. I saw that first hand a few days ago.

  2. License plate fees should be based on the value of the vehicle. Several states have done this for several years. That helps the less privileged to some degree.

    1. Wrongo Jim! A Cadillac doesn’t wear out the roads one bit more than a Yugo, and making its’ license plate costs the very same. Why should that owner pay more? (Other than Communist ideology.) And why I hear “privileged”, I just want to vomit at that Marxist drivel.

      With Bernie surging, my motto for 2020: Better Dead Than Red!

      1. “Better Dead Than Red!” ?
        So then you’re agreeing that if we go red (as in socialist/communist, not republican), that it will end up being better for a lot of people?

      2. You are absolutely right, Maggie, I am overwhelmed by your deep logical thought process. I am privileged to have you set me straight about my godless commie thought process. Ask not what you can do for your Country, but what your Country can do for you.
        Pacem in Terra.

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