Useless GOP – Barickman’s replacement

By: Diane Benjamin Even with FAR better choices available the County Chairs who decided who would serve for 2 years went with the establishment: Tom Bennett Rumor is that Dan Brady pushed Bennett. Bennett doesn’t inspire anybody. He did have a guy in his district ready to take his House seat, so of course that […]

The GOP way

By: Diane Benjamin Not only did Jason Barickman win his election last November and then quit, so did Keith Sommers. Sommers isn’t sticking around long enough to finish his term. GOP Chairs from McLean and Tazwell County are picking his replacement. They met on December 22nd to review applications. GOP chairs from all of these […]

Update: Campaign Cash-the rules for using it when not in office

See update below By: Diane Benjamin At the end of September Dan Brady was sitting on $438,947.66. Jason Barickman was sitting on $835,282.52. We won’t know the actual balances now until both file 4th Quarter reports. Both will no longer hold elected office in January. Many states require closing campaign accounts 60 days […]

Chemberly pulls out the race card

By: Diane Benjamin This agenda item made last night’s Normal Town Council meeting last almost 3 hours: Ordinance Rezoning Property in the Town of Normal (4.14 Acres in the Wintergreen Subdivision) This is Jason Barickman’s company (Fairlawn Capital) plan to build houses that will most likely be rentals. The more than 100 houses will be […]

Normal didn’t get $6 mil more, they only got $3,157,375

By: Diane Benjamin See original story: Monday packet: PDF page 62: Either people all across the country are funding Normal’s amenities or money is being printed so Normal can have an underpass vehicles can’t use. Brilliant. Oh, the Subway inside the Amtrak station closed, another Uptown success story. Remember what Normal did when […]

Property Rights Immaterial in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin I attended Normal’s Planning Commission meeting last night. I only stayed for 3 hours, it was still going on when I left. Here’s the takeaway: When government claims it can’t protect your property rights because laws and regulations don’t allow it, your government needs replaced with one who understands the Constitution. See […]

North Normal: Normal and Barickman want to devalue your property

By: Diane Benjamin Before reading the rest of THIS article, read this one: On Thursday the Planning Commission will hear testimony about high-density and medium-density housing right next to expensive housing in Wintergreen Subdivision. This is exactly the plan Obama started under the guise of Equity housing. Biden is continuing the plan to destroy […]

Two things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Jason Barickman: What are you thinking? Ken Griffin buying a governor is okay with you? Hoping for some of Griffin’s billions? Is Irvin paying you from the $50 million he got from Griffin? Do you always host fake Republicans? 2)

Campustown Clown

By: Diane Benjamin Evidently the owner doesn’t believe vaccines work, is he scared of his shadow too? He only wants vaccinated people in his store but they have to wear a mask? What about people who had COVID and therefore have antibodies? They aren’t allowed in? Daniel C Maloney doesn’t believe people know how to […]

Bill Brady in Chicago Tribune

By:  Diane Benjamin Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass must have a tough life living and reporting on the Chicago corruption.  If you’ve ever rad his columns, he turns it into comedy. Kass wrote a column on January 30th pertaining to the supposed ethics reforms in Springfield: After Kass is done skewering Pritzker he gets […]

Four B’s and an R (Gas Tax)

By:  Diane Benjamin Dan Brady, Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, Tom Bennett, and Chapin Rose I bet the gas prices are killing your budget.  Lawmakers never understand you have to cut your budget in other places to pay their tax increases.  You have less money to spend, therefore tax revenue, like sales tax, will decrease.  You […]

More on the VA story from yesterday

By:  Diane Benjamin This is an update to yesterday’s story: This morning I spoke to the Marine veteran who was the subject of the Facebook post by Danny Leifel.  He wants to remain anonymous because of the large number of phone calls he received yesterday. One phone call he never received was from […]

Used Car Law makes GOV your daddy

By:  Diane Benjamin Anybody else noticed that people get stupider every year? Long gone are the days of citizens expected to take care of themselves.  Government has usurped the right of self-determination by deciding it must act as parents to the population, the peasants aren’t capable themselves! The latest usurp: Illinois has a law going […]

Jason Barickman

Senator Barickman was the ONLY Republican to vote YES on gay marriage.  He even gave an impassioned speech on the floor to urge it’s passage. Can we all together say RINO?  (since some people still don’t know: Republican In Name Only)  Pat Brady probably loves him now. Wonder if Jason still has 2 homestead exemptions?  Did the […]