Used Car Law makes GOV your daddy

By:  Diane Benjamin

Anybody else noticed that people get stupider every year?

Long gone are the days of citizens expected to take care of themselves.  Government has usurped the right of self-determination by deciding it must act as parents to the population, the peasants aren’t capable themselves!

The latest usurp:

Illinois has a law going into effect July 1st concerning the sale of used vehicles from dealers.  If the vehicle is not considered antique and it has less than 150,000 miles, the dealer must warranty the “powertrain” for 500 miles or 15 days whichever comes first.

(1)  Buyer beware doesn’t apply anymore.  (2)  Having a mechanic look at the car before buying doesn’t matter anymore.

Mommy/Daddy State of Illinois will protect you, unless the vehicle breaks down on day 20.  (1) and (2) suddenly got really important – but too late.

I could say this is Madigan’s attempt to further dumb down the population and in the House it was.  That doesn’t explain why the Illinois Senate voted unanimously for the bill.

Some members weren’t present for the vote, but Bill Brady, Jason Barickman, Chapin Rose, and a lot of other Republicans thought government needs to protect you from yourself.

See the entire bill HERE

The legislature can’t pass a budget, can’t balance the finances of the State, wants to steal even more of your money, but they have time to parent you.

The State’s Attorney has a lady dedicated to enforcing this law, violations are considered Consumer Fraud.  How much is she costing you to parent?

Dealers must obtain new contracts and have the programming changed.  The Buyers Guide (already required) on the window of used vehicles must also reflect this change.

Eventually new laws in Illinois is how economic activity is generated.

Anybody else hear the sound of Illinois being sucked under?


4 thoughts on “Used Car Law makes GOV your daddy

  1. Dad always said there’s a LOT of gene pools that NEED chlorine!
    This is just beyond the top! What next, what kind of food my non existent dog HAS to eat? Maybe a bike tax? TOLL lanes for bicycles-since they move faster and don’t stop!


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