Zero Transparency, ISU, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bills and Payroll the Council approved for payment last night have never been posted on the City website:

I wonder if the council was given a paper version or if they just approved spending without knowing what the voted on?  Keep in mind – these are the same people who approved earlier this month stealing money from the Motor Fuel Tax which was passed as being ONLY available to resurface roads:

Keep that in mind when Tari wants another tax increase dedicated to some purpose.  Later he will steal from that fund just like he does all funds.   How much trouble is Bloomington in?  The same as Illinois?  That’s a secret!  Tax revenue is no longer released.

UPDATE:  They finally got posted around noon.

Report when I get to it.



The freshman ISU class last year was:  3,638

The number of freshmen that paid by May 1st for fall 2017 is:  3,379  (Obtained by FOIA)

Registration won’t be final until the 10th day after school starts.

The projected enrollment for the fall term is between 20,800 and 21,150  (FOIA)

Fall of 2016 was 21,039  (link above)

The final numbers will prove interesting.  Many other State schools are failing, ISU doesn’t appear to be reaping the rewards.


A lawyer working directly for Lisa Madigan found Renner and Council guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act on the request for review filed by Jason Chambers concerning the MetroZone Executive Session.  See the:  Binding Ruling 17-004

I filed at the same time Jason Chambers did, City Attorney Jeff Jurgens responded to the AG combining my comments and Jason’s, but my Request for Review was ruled on separately by a different lawyer in Public Access, not an assistant to Lisa Madigan.

Renner is still guilty, but mine wasn’t binding.  See the ruling 46767 o 2c 11 improper mun

The binding ruling ordered the City to release the audio of the meeting.  I filed a FOIA request for it, they delayed release until 6/30.  I can’t wait to see what excuse they use then.  The Council has refused to let anybody know what happens in their secret meetings, minutes are held for DECADES.  I wonder who is scared now?




2 thoughts on “Zero Transparency, ISU, and more

  1. ISU and UIUC are the only 2 state institutions that are doing ok during the state budget impasse. Parents and students are worried about Illinois. Students are leaving the state in record percentages. Neighboring states are heavily recruiting in Illinois. In addition, we are miving to an era when the student population is declining. So, with these things happening, ISU is doing well to omly be down a few hundred off three consequtive years of increasing enrollment.


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