Normal Il – What is Up With the Debt?

by Diane Benjamin The Normal Mayor and City Council decided the outlined area in the picture below was blighted and needed to be redeveloped. They filed a plan and deemed this area a Tax Increment Financing site (TIF).  They have purchased A LOT of properties and gave some away.  More on that below.  Click on […]

Will the Heartland College Windmill Save Money?

by Diane Benjamin  CPA reg. Many factors are not available for analysis of this project.  This process must continually be updated when REAL data becomes available.  Some of the factors are: Cost per KWH for purchased electricity over the next 20 years – it most likely will not remain constant Amount of electricity generated by […]

Bikes & Democracy?

BIKES AND DEMOCRACY? – Give me a Representative Government DIRECT DEMOCRACY/BLONO FACEBOOK PAGE May 21, 2012 Direct Democracy. What is it? James Madison defined it as  “…a number of citizens, whether amounting to a minority or majority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the […]

The Rodney Davis Pick – the back story

by Diane Benjamin This information comes from a very reliable source: Habeeb Habeeb, GOP chair of Champaign County, apparently aggravated the other 13 County GOP Chairs with his superiority attitude and multiple radio interviews.   They refused to support his candidate-Erika Herald-because of him! Champaign County had the weighted vote because of the number of […]

Who Should Represent the 13th District?

by Diane Benjamin First, I must express my outrage again over Tim Johnson’s sudden decision to not run in November AFTER winning the March 20th primary.  He obviously tried to determine his successor instead of leaving his seat in the hands of the people, sorry Tim, but it belongs to us. Last night a forum […]

Republican Group Demands Recall of IL GOP Chair Pat Brady

From Illinois Center Right Coalition: In May 2012, the ICRC Steering Committee passed this resolution: ICRC RESOLUTION TO RECALL ILLINOIS GOP CHAIRMAN PAT BRADY WHEREAS, the platform of the Illinois Republican Party contains the following:  “To conduct ourselves in such a way as to rebuild the public trust in the Republican Party” and WHEREAS, the […]

Unguarded City-CityWatch Report #2

February 5, 2012 WHAT IF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WEREN’T DOING THEIR JOBS? You might ask why and how that might happen? What if they weren’t aware of what their jobs were? What their duties were?  Or, what their obligations were? These are all very valid questions, especially if we, the citizens, aren’t aware of what their […]

Lest We Forget-What happened in 2009

Are you better off today? January 2009 Unemployment 7.2% Gasoline Price 1.626 (CNN) Oil price 1/16: 36.51 (NYSE) House passes stimulus bill February 2009 First Chicago TEA Party – 2/27/09 Obama orders 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan Tom Daschle withdraws as Health and Human Services secretary nominee Obama signs children’s health care bill into law […]

Bloomington City Council-Upside Down Government

CityWatch is a group of citizens keeping an eye on local government.  This is the first in a series of articles about the City of Bloomington government. From:  March 27, 2012 Upside down government. I’ve addressed it before. At last evenings Bloomington City Council meeting, more topsy-turvy politics appeared. It doesn’t surprise me any […]

Some (?) Illinois Public Sector Union Members Want to Tax the Rich

Now that Gov Quinn has decided pensions have to be reformed, what do some teachers think? Below are excerpts from a Twitter conversation I had with 2 teachers responding to the BLNNews post concerning pensions: The names were removed to protect their privacy.  Keep in mind, Twitter users have to abbreviate because tweets are only […]

So the President Says He’s for the Middle Class?

If the President is for the middle class , why is oil and gas production on Federal Lands dropping?  How can he say Oil and Gas production in the United States is way up under his administration? From the Institute for Energy Research: The truth is energy production is up in spite of the President […]

Jeers to the Pantagraph and the Town of Normal

In the 5/4/2012 Our Views section, the Pantagraph printed: Cheers: As Normal’s “uptown” nears completion, applause is due for the town’s vision of sustainability and “green” building.  The most recent touch is the green roof on the new transportation center/city hall, where plants will help cool the interior and perpetuate the oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle necessary […]

Another view on TRS-Teacher’s Retirement System

I attended yesterday’s TRS presentation at Normal Community High School. Click here to see the presentation: The presentation appears to over-inflate their actual investment earnings. Click here to see results from their site: While I can completely understand the promises made to teachers, similar promises were made to Social Security recipients, present and […]

City of Dixon Il-How Taxpayer’s Were Ripped Off

Link to the 3/2011 Financial Statements: The report contains 2 statements by an external auditor, Samuel S. Card, CPA.  Mr Card was hired by the City, as required by law, to audit the statements. This massive theft over decades was obviously due to lack of internal controls.  Any person with access to bank accounts […]

UN Flag in the Bloomington Council Chambers: Update

Some correspondence requested under the Freedom of Information Act  was denied by the City of Bloomington.  A complaint has been filed with the State’s Attorney’s Office in Springfield with the Public Access Officer. What are they trying to hide?  The denial listed “personal information” as the reason.  We are not interested in phone numbers and […]