Lest We Forget-What happened in 2009

Are you better off today?

January 2009
Unemployment 7.2%
Gasoline Price 1.626 (CNN)
Oil price 1/16: 36.51 (NYSE)
House passes stimulus bill
February 2009
First Chicago TEA Party – 2/27/09
Obama orders 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan
Tom Daschle withdraws as Health and Human Services secretary nominee
Obama signs children’s health care bill into law
Senate strikes deal on stimulus
Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) withdraws as Commerce secretary nominee
Congress passes $787 billion stimulus
Obama proposes $3.6 trillion budget plan
March 2009
Dow drops below 6,800
After delay, Congress passes omnibus spending measure
Obama administration announces it will give ailing auto industry billions of dollars
April 2009
April 15th – First nationwide Tax Day TEA Parties – 1.2 million people attend
House and Senate pass their budget measures
Rep. Bachus claims there are 17 socialists in Congress
Sen. Specter bolts the GOP to become a Democrat
May 2009
TEA party in Springfield for no tax increase
National Health Care protests at all congressional offices
Illinois House tries to sneak a Civil Unions Bill through by inserting it in another bill
Congress passes credit card reform
Obama selects Sonia Sotomayor to replace Souter
June 2009
National Health Care protests at all congressional offices
Cap & Trade bill passes House, 219-212 – Mark Kirk votes YES
Al Franken declared winner of Minnesota Senate race as incumbent
Norm Coleman (R) concedes
July 2009
Nationwide July 4th TEA Parties – momentum gaining
Unemployment hits 9.5 percent
Vice President Joe Biden says administration “misread the economy”
Health care reform on the ropes as House and Senate miss deadlines
Obama says Cambridge, Mass., cops “acted stupidly” in arrest of Gates
Sotomayor approved, 68-31
2 Special Needs benefits in Illinois

August 2009
Glenn beck starts the 9/12 Project
Obama administration loans billions to Brazil for oil drilling
SEIU starts pushing for Health Care reform
White House solicits information on anyone writing about Health Care Reform-attempts to silence opponents
Lawmakers confronted at town halls on health care reform
Protests launched nationwide against the health care reform bill
September 2009
Close to 2 million people march on DC to protest health care bill
Local rallies and Liberty Trail rally
Unemployment hits 9.7 percent
House passes education reform bill
Congress votes to strip ACORN of federal funding
Pelosi commits to public option in health care reform bill
Obama loans $1 billion to Mexico for drilling in the Gulf
TEA Party Express in Bloomington and then draws a huge crowd in New Lenox
October 2009
Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize
Senate Finance Committee approves health care bill; Sen. Olympia
Snowe (R-Maine) votes yes
November 2009
More Health care protest in DC
Unemployment rate increases to 10.2 percent
Fort Hood shooting kills 13
House adopts Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) abortion language to
Health care bill, 240-194
House passes health care bill, 220-215
December 2009
800 TEA Partiers protest bringing GITMO prisoners to Illinois
Obama hosts job summit
Obama approval drops under 50 percent
Unemployment drops to 10 percent
House passes financial regulatory reform bill
Congress passes omnibus measure
Senate health bill clears hurdle on cloture motion with 60 votes; Snowe votes no
Senate passes health care reform bill, 60-39
Terrorist plot foiled; Nigerian attempted to blow up plane headed for Detroit
Debates and events held for February Primaries

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2 thoughts on “Lest We Forget-What happened in 2009

  1. First off- not really sure what point you are trying to make? But from you’re first first summary you have me concerned…

    Gas prices of $1.62 in jan 2009. Yes- down from their record high of what? $4.12 just 6 months earlier- due to the worldwide economic collapse? Gas prices that had just under tripled under Bush, remaining well over $3 for most all the last 2+ years of his presidency. And under Obama- what? over $3.00 for 19 of 42 months.

    And when it comes to the health care bill- let’s not forget- Obama was opposed to the individual mandate at the center of the controversy, a republican idea going back over 20 years. And one that at the beginning of the discussions ranking republicans insisted upon (as did democrats- who had come to see it as the ONLY way to get bipartisan support). Of course, the republicans then bowed to the far right wing, and conveniently forgot that it was their baby they had been pushing…

    1. This is a list of facts from 2009, not a commentary. But, yes gas was high very briefly in the summer of 2008. Bush opened more drilling, Obama permits are down 30% in the gulf and 70% in the Rockies. He obviously likes high prices.

      Was Obama apposed to the individual mandate the same way he was against gay marriage? 80’s-he was for 90’s-he was against – running for President against – now for again. He evolved in a circle.

      Republicans have been stupid for decades-conservatives never support an individual mandate.

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