Unguarded City-CityWatch Report #2

February 5, 2012


You might ask why and how that might happen?

What if they weren’t aware of what their jobs were? What their duties were?  Or, what their obligations were? These are all very valid questions, especially if we, the citizens, aren’t aware of what their jobs are.
Citizens reasonably assume as candidates they ran for office and were elected, so they must know the responsibilities and duties of their position, right?  Well, what if they don’t?  And, to carry that proposition one step further, what would be the consequences if the City Manager, the Supervisors of departments such as Zoning, Planning, and Public Works, or even the Mayor weren’t aware of what their jobs were?  The consequences in a word – dire.
  Imagine the City Council, the Mayor, and the City Manager engaging simultaneously in areas, procedures, and actions of each other.  Doing so without boundaries or parameters on behalf of city business, disregarding separation of powers,  or any necessary training, background and knowledge. And, acting without the requisite legal authority to perform  those functions or make any decisions in that capacity?  What would that imply for our City?

Take for example, theoretically speaking of course, if the Mayor, or City Manager were to perform the functions of City Council, or in the alternative, a City Department were to perform any of those Council functions; would not concerns surface?  First and foremost, the citizens would not be lawfully and constitutionally represented. Secondly, wouldn’t citizens wonder where our City might be headed – whose vision? What vision?  Thirdly, would the citizens be forced to ask what, then, is the City Council doing? And, finally, if everyone’s doing everyone else’s job, who’s performing their job?
Without an idea of any such unconstitutional processes taking place, I can’t help but to believe that such a system would leave a City in a very unguarded position. What’s worse, it’s the antithesis to what citizens should be expecting and receiving, but not knowing.
And as a city sleeps…

One thought on “Unguarded City-CityWatch Report #2

  1. Are Mayor Koos and the Normal Council doing what the citizens want? Well in 2003, when Koos became mayor, the per capita debt was $11.52, by 2011 the per capita debt increased to $1,725.18. This is a 15,000% increase in just eight years!


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