Bloomington Has Failed to Publish Its Comprehensive Financial Report

Bloomington Mayor and City Manager announced to the Council that the CAFR (Financial Statement)  would NOT be released as required by law on 10/31/2012.  This is a  misdemeanor offense.   Cities do not have the ability to set their own rules! Shouldn’t rules be applied equally to all citizens?  Shouldn’t the entire city council and the city manager be […]

Your City Council At Work-Bloomington

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 YOUR COUNCIL AT WORK – Bloomington City Council   Bloomington City Council’s Work Session  on Monday night gave citizens the opportunity to hear City Manager, David Hales, update the previously approved Action Plan.  Problem with that was, among others, is that there weren’t many citizens there. The video below helps a […]

Unguarded City-CityWatch Report #2

February 5, 2012 WHAT IF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WEREN’T DOING THEIR JOBS? You might ask why and how that might happen? What if they weren’t aware of what their jobs were? What their duties were?  Or, what their obligations were? These are all very valid questions, especially if we, the citizens, aren’t aware of what their […]