Your City Council At Work-Bloomington

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

YOUR COUNCIL AT WORK – Bloomington City Council

Bloomington City Council’s Work Session  on Monday night gave citizens the opportunity to hear City Manager, David Hales, update the previously approved Action Plan.  Problem with that was, among others, is that there weren’t many citizens there.
The video below helps a little to solve that problem.  You can watch as the City Manager, the Mayor, and your elected Aldermen discuss some of the city’s business.
The topics discussed in this video include a sustainability-packed agenda for FY 2013, the pending Comprehensive Plan update for Bloomington,
another visioning process,  more retreats for council, and who would’ve thought, municipal electric aggregation.
Yes, that’s right. Electric aggregation – again.
Seems as if our community’s vote to reject that government plan meant nothing to our elected representatives and city officials.
Watch and listen to these topics and more and how Bloomington’s upside down government corrupts the traditional representative, democratic process and fails at representing the citizen’s best interests.

This video has been edited for time and contentby CITYWATCH
I encourage you to get involved fellow-citizen.
It’s your city.  If not you, then who?
Of the people, for the people,
and for the good of the community.
If you’re interested in being part of a dynamic team of spirited
citizens and want to help us in the effort to return the city to the people`
join us.
We meet regularly to discuss, strategize and engage.
You are invited.    [email protected]

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