County isn’t getting the money

By:  Diane Benjamin I could have predicted what would happen last night with sharing expenses to redesign the Towanda-Barnes/Ireland Grove intersection.  $900,000 is a lot of money, but I bet this Council won’t even approve spending far less.  The proposal was for the County to pay half and the City half. That intersection is: Not […]

Guest Writer: Bike Lanes

The truth about adding bike lanes on Washington Street has little to do with safety, as Bike BloNo would have everyone believe. There are Illinois State Statutes as well as municipal codes governing the safe use of bicycles. City Code Article XIX Regulations for Bicycles Chapter 29:  Section 158: Traffic Laws Apply to Persons Riding Bicycles. […]

Master Plans weren’t suggestions

By:  Diane Benjamin I remember heated discussions over Master Plans.  The Council was told they were advisory only.  Just because they passed, it didn’t mean the Council had to implement them. Not according to Special Meeting tonight – 6:05 pm. It’s really boring to spend money on funding pensions, repair streets, and maintain infrastructure, so […]

Truth about the Zoo

By:  Diane Benjamin From the Council meeting held October 8, 2012 where the Zoo Master Plan was passed (Stockton was still Mayor) The recommendation is to adopt the MPZ Master Plan, as presented without binding any financial requirements. The financial planning and funding would be decided within the citywide long term capital improvement budget which […]


Tonight, at a Work Session prior to the regular Bloomington City Council Meeting, the Council will be presented with, review and determine, at the suggestion of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission, a proposed project scope for the updating of our City’s Comprehensive Plan. You may read this agenda item at the following link: . Within that Project […]

Your City Council At Work-Bloomington

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 YOUR COUNCIL AT WORK – Bloomington City Council   Bloomington City Council’s Work Session  on Monday night gave citizens the opportunity to hear City Manager, David Hales, update the previously approved Action Plan.  Problem with that was, among others, is that there weren’t many citizens there. The video below helps a […]