CityWatch: Watching Us . . . Watch Our Village

. . . and while they’re watching us, we’re watching them right back –
this video explains a why –

This is what we do.
And, we could use your help.
Let me explain.

I am by no means a fan of Hillary Clinton (sorry), but some years back, Ms. Clinton wrote a book entitled, “It Takes A Village”.

The original concept, if I’m not mistaken, centers around an African proverb suggesting that it requires the entire village to ensure the overall well-being of children – to make sure the entire community is involved and connected.

The African proverbial concept, and Hillary’s, may have centered around kids, but it was a great conditioning and set-up tool ( see this link ).

After some investigation and reflection, it’s not hard to see a not-so-vague connection. Some of the direction communities are being pushed towards with the smart-growth, good urbanism and sustainability oriented city plans that have cropped up all over, including here in our Twin Cities, lend more than a sense of similarity. By design?

A quick look at our Comprehensive Plans, Master Plans, and Action Plans, that, by the way, include the current Main Street and Downtown Plans (including Normal) certainly provide evidence to easily reach that conclusion.

And, in the review, we’re clearly able to see the involvement and participation of the proverbial “village” – those “stakeholders” as they are now commonly referred to, the village-overseers, whose vision is being implemented against the desires and best interest of the rest of the “village” – the majority of citizens. That’s you and I.

What’s that got to do with the story, you ask?

If it takes a village to take it away from us, then it will take a village to get it back.

To recognize and understand what’s behind the movement, behind the agenda to steer our “village” in the wrong direction and to uncover it, is one thing. This is what we do. We watch. But to stop it, it will take all of us.

And while we’re watching – and being watched – we must continue to keep going forward.

So, please, we need your help.

Our effort is only thus far successful because of the committed individuals who have decided, if not us, then who?

Of the people, for the people,
and for the good of the community

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