Portillo, Town – Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin See the packet for the Town of Normal Council meeting Monday night here:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2249 Portillo Summary: The project is being done by a developer – Bloomington Landmark Development Inc Despite the name, this company has a Chicago agent and address:  CT CORPORATION SYSTEM Normal is rebating Sales taxes of $1,825,000 PLUS interest […]

Normal: All it takes is voters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 22, 2016 Marc Tiritilli to run for Mayor of Normal Normal—Marc Tiritilli is pleased to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Normal in the election on April 4, 2017. He has gathered the required signatures and is eagerly moving on to the heart of the campaign. Tiritilli said he is basing […]

The Normal City Council should FIRE Mark Peterson

by:  Diane Benjamin See this story from yesterday:  http://blnnews.com/2013/11/13/city-manager-mark-peterson-liables-me/ The International City Manager Association has a code of ethics.  Mark Peterson broke it by sending a lie laden, derogatory email to Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini who then forwarded it to MANY other people.  At the very least, Peterson’s actions show a complete lack of intelligence. […]

Fazzini wants Bloomington to be Normal-here’s what you get:

by: Diane Benjamin In the last City election – April 2013 – Voter turnout in Normal was slightly over 4400 people. Why do very few people in Normal vote? Because their vote doesn’t matter? How many members of the Council were appointed, and since the elections are at-large, name recognition helps them win the next […]

Fly on the Wall: Normal Tax Increase

I hear Normal’s investments aren’t performing as predicted, so they need an 11% property tax increase! How are your investments?  How’s your income, for the last 5 years a whole lot of people have seen decreases.  Have your hours been cut to part-time?  Are you under-employed?  Are groceries costing more?  How about gas?  You aren’t […]

Attempted Land Grab Ends With Voters Booting Entire City Council

By:  J.D. Tuccille|Jun. 13, 2013 Government officials like to use eminent domain for the convenience of their preferred policies and/or the enrichment of themselves and their buddies. Usually, they get away with it, because the folks on the receiving end are too few and powerless to hold their tormentors to account. In Hackensack, New Jersey, […]

Elections: Normal

Often elections don’t have a clear choice or show clear differences between the candidates.  In Normal you have a clear choice.  Most people believe in term limits for politicians, with good reason.  When people are elected over and over and over the absolute power they feel is corrupting.  We have many obvious examples:  Harry Reid, John […]

Other Money Normal WILL vote to spend tonight

From the meeting packet: Motion to Waive the Formal Bidding Process and Accept Quotes Totaling $88,609.02 from Dell For the Purchase of Computer Equipment So much for getting local bids. DKMallon Cost Proposal  Grocery Feasibility Study Fact Finding Review $ 3,500.00 Market Assessment/Analysis $ 7,200.00 Site Evaluation $ 4,500.00 Report of Findings $ 1,000.00 Proforma/Site […]

Fly On the Wall – Normal aggregation

Word around town – Normal may be looking at buying GREEN energy for the citizens of Normal!  Think that will save you money? If it was cost effective – we would be doing nothing but green. Public hearings today:  Noon and 6:45 Normal Council Chambers They don’t appreciate public comments – so you better take advantage of […]


The latest news from CityWatch:   “What do you mean the McLean County Regional Planning Commission  are federal administrators?” That was the question in response to the recent discovery regarding who the McLean County Regional Planning Commission really is. So, what was the discovery, you ask?   It started with an investigation some weeks back when we became […]

If You Live in Normal . . .

by Diane Benjamin I’m sure you heard the plans for another hotel in Uptown Normal – across the street from the Marriott. From what I can tell, this property was purchased from Commerce Bank in 2007 or early 2008 for $1,550,000.  Given the history of Uptown, Normal may be planning on GIVING this property to […]


A mere two weeks ago CITYWATCH dropped the Hile Bombshell – an expose’ that revealed a multi-levelled, multi-layered and multi-year plan that exploited two entire communities, slanted objectives, and distorted the process in which to get there. What was essentially a confession of sorts, no less an admission of facts, local consultant/facilitator, Julie Hile of the Hile Group, disclosed […]

Town of Normal – Questionable Land Purchase – UPDATE 2

Received from the Town of Normal: Diane,   Wendy provided me a copy of your email and asked that I respond.  As you see from the documents supplied to you the Town Council authorized purchase of the parking lots from One Main for $500,000.  This was about $240,000 more than the amount budgeted for these […]

Properties the Town of Normal Own-Visual

The properties pictured are all connected to the Uptown project. The Town of Normal is listed as the owner on all yellow properties.  All of the properties were checked on the McLean County Assessor’s Office website.  The parcel pictures are all from the Assessor’s site. The Town of Normal, McLean County, Unit 5, and all […]

Bikes & Democracy?

BIKES AND DEMOCRACY? – Give me a Representative Government DIRECT DEMOCRACY/BLONO FACEBOOK PAGE May 21, 2012 Direct Democracy. What is it? James Madison defined it as  “…a number of citizens, whether amounting to a minority or majority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the […]