Other Money Normal WILL vote to spend tonight

From the meeting packet:

Motion to Waive the Formal Bidding Process and Accept Quotes Totaling $88,609.02 from Dell For the Purchase of Computer Equipment

So much for getting local bids.


Cost Proposal 

Grocery Feasibility Study
Fact Finding Review $ 3,500.00
Market Assessment/Analysis $ 7,200.00
Site Evaluation $ 4,500.00
Report of Findings $ 1,000.00
Proforma/Site 1 $ 3,000.00
Proforma/Site 2 $ 3,000.00
Proforma/Site 3 $ 3,000.00
Estimated Direct Costs $ 1,500.00
Other Additional Costs $ 500.00
Implementation Strategy
Identification of Store Operators $ 2,400.00
Brochure/Marketing $ 2,500.00
Outline of Incentives $ 1,200.00
List of Funding Sources $ 1,200.00
Estimated Direct Costs $ 1,000.00
Other Additional Costs $ 500.00

Additional work outside of the proposal will be billed at our customary consultancy fee of $300 per hour for Mike Mallon and $150 per hour for Kurt Warnke. Out of pocket expenses will be billed at 105%. Billing will be on a monthly basis for the time and expenses incurred during the preceding month.

Maybe they should ask the IGA managers who used to be near Uptown Normal on Main Street.  A lot of phone calls could be made for $36,000.

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