Bloomington Library No longer Publishes Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin It wasn’t that long ago the data pertaining to City functions was available.  We used to know what the tax receipts were – now we don’t.  We used to know traffic at the library has been declining – now we have no idea.  Traffic isn’t included in Library Board reports either. The […]

The Story of Dale and the Rock

By:  Diane Benjamin Update to this story: Dale Nelson was riding his bike with two friends when he was hit by a drunk driver.  August 21st is the first anniversary of his death. Dale’s eyes were donated to a blind boy in Michigan. Dale’s kidneys were donated to two people, a true gift of […]

Campaigning at the Pride Event

By:  Diane Benjamin The first annual Pride event turned into a campaign stop.  Featured speakers were:  Tari Renner, Jenn Carrillo, Shayna Watchinski, Nikita Richards, and Julie Blair. This is the best the Democrat Party has to offer? Obviously Renner has Trump Derangement Syndrome.  He sported his sash from the gay pride parade he and Chris Koos […]

McLean County Poverty Increasing

By:  Diane Benjamin See this article posted on the WGLT website:  New-Poverty-Report-Puts-Mclean-County-Watch-List The article doesn’t cover everything in the report by Heartland Alliance.  See the complete report   HERE Did you ever think McLean County would make a Well-Being Watch List? The reason is obvious – except to local government: Sales Tax was increased 1% in 2015.  […]

Protest your property tax assessment!

By:  Diane Benjamin You can’t protest yet, but sometime early next year you will get a new assessment in the mail.  Property values are dropping all over Bloomington-Normal.  Keep track of comparable house around you.  Both Bloomington and Normal are in for a huge budget shock if the local assessors are fair. See this story […]

Report from the Renner-Koos-ISU meeting today

A reporter who wishes to remain anonymous filed this report, see yesterday’s story: Mayoral Presentations Koos spent his time praising ISU and the excellent relationship with the Univ.   Then a little about historic preservation.   (Short and concise) Reporter Comments:  Although the first 3 historic building east of the NE corner of the circle (In Normal […]