UPDATE: Mikey is staying where he is!

The next hearing is TODAY – Courtroom 3A



By:  Diane Benjamin

A judge in Massachusetts issued a stay on June 22, 2018 but the parties were not notified.

Michael Cadena’s lawyer here had to file a response by 9:00 am this morning to the mom asking for direct criminal contempt charges.  Meanwhile his lawyer there contacted the court clerk to see if a ruling had been made on Michael’s appeal of a June ruling stating the court did not have jurisdiction.

The judge has actually approved the motion on June 22, 2018.  The paperwork probably got lost since the judge changed positions and a new judge had been assigned.

This approval means Massachusetts will not comply with any rulings by Judge Hill here on Wednesday.  Judge Casey pushed this case into the Appellate Court in Massachusetts which means it will take many months to work its way through the system.  Meanwhile Mikey will be able to continue getting the counseling and therapy he needs.  He will be secure with his dad and grandmother for the foreseeable future.


12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Mikey is staying where he is!

    1. True, but you notice it was not a McLean County / IL judge that made the right call for the best interests of the child – it was a Mass judge. This bodes well for Mikey, but doesn’t mean any positive change for local residents. 🙁

      1. This is Mikey’s dad and I thank all of you for your support. It’s been and overwhelming 4+ years for Mikey and I.

        “Very Concerned Citizen” – We still have a fight for “the best interests of the child”
        When this is over I’m going to work at getting justice through the FBI and other resources.

        Kind Regards,

  1. Hopefully this little boy will continue to be allowed to stay in a more stable environment now and not be shuttled back and forth through these important formative years. I hate when kids become the rope in a tug of war between their parents.

  2. Amen! I am in such utter disbelief that this situation is even happening. I mean come on- the child’s best interest is number 1. The father can see that. Why can’t the mom… unless she’s just so full of hate and spite that she just doesn’t care if she puts her own son through all this. Doesn’t sound like the kinda mom I’d want for my kid. Stay strong Mike!

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