Mikey’s day in court will happen in Massachusetts

By:  Diane Benjamin The hearing yesterday, which Michael Cadena did not attend, did nothing to unwind the problem of who has jurisdiction in the case  between Michael and Mikey’s mom – Amber Buck.  Judge Hill went on a long discourse to justify why she could find Michael in direct criminal contempt.  Mr Bullington, Amber’s lawyer, […]

Mikey’s Timeline

By:  Diane Benjamin Tomorrow at 2:30 another hearing is taking place.  Judge Hill will probably declare Michael Cadena in direct criminal contempt even though she couldn’t locate a precedence for doing it.  I plan to attend, Judge Hill needs an audience to witness her activism. This case has many twists and turns.  I’ve read thousands […]

Did the Pantagraph comply?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the email (printed with permission) from the attorney for Michael Cadena to the Pantagraph reporter who included #FakeNews in her article: I redacted her email address because it isn’t important. The only reason I got involved in this case is because of the reporting by the Pantagraph.  Michael Cadena was […]

Things that don’t fit anywhere else:

By:  Diane Benjamin Michael Cadena: The Pantagraph reported IN ERROR that Michael Cadena was deemed an unfit parent by a judge.  That is not true – Michael has NEVER been deemed unfit!  I’m sure the Pantagraph will publish a tiny note correcting the story.  It won’t be seen by everyone who saw the defaming article […]

UPDATE: Mikey is staying where he is!

The next hearing is TODAY – Courtroom 3A _________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin A judge in Massachusetts issued a stay on June 22, 2018 but the parties were not notified. Michael Cadena’s lawyer here had to file a response by 9:00 am this morning to the mom asking for direct criminal contempt charges.  Meanwhile his lawyer […]

Court hearing over Mikey

By:  Diane Benjamin If you missed the original story, read it HERE I was in court to see what would happen today.  The Attorney for Amber Buck filed something this morning and expected the judge to rule on it.  Evidently Mr. Billington doesn’t understand how the court works.  The judge gave the attorney for Michael Cardena […]