Mikey’s day in court will happen in Massachusetts

By:  Diane Benjamin

The hearing yesterday, which Michael Cadena did not attend, did nothing to unwind the problem of who has jurisdiction in the case  between Michael and Mikey’s mom – Amber Buck.  Judge Hill went on a long discourse to justify why she could find Michael in direct criminal contempt.  Mr Bullington, Amber’s lawyer, was rumored to have withdrawn his motion for either direct or indirect contempt charges, but when asked by Judge Hill if he was he didn’t provide a direct answer.

Judge Hill is finding Michael in direct criminal contempt, but she is not issuing a warrant for his arrest now.

Massachusetts courts have now set a 4 hour hearing for 8/31/18.  Michael has claimed he did not get a fair hearing in McLean County and Amber Buck had parental rights restored too quickly and based on questionable evidence.

This case is only about what is best for a 4-year-old boy who was abused and traumatized most of his life.  McLean County thinks the most important thing is reuniting parents with their kids.  That has led to tragic results in the past.  The courts in Massachusetts are going to make sure they aren’t contributing to any future tragedies.

Judge Hill is waiting until after the hearing in Massachusetts to issue a warrant.  She claims Michael’s refusal to show up in court will end on September 7th.  She obviously believes another state will honor her warrant and drag Michael back here in handcuffs.

Many of the points that will be presented on 8/31 are in this story:   https://blnnews.com/2018/07/21/guest-writer-saving-mikey/

Massachusetts will likely take into account the June filing there with a new case number by Amber’s lawyer in an attempt to take Mikey that day.  Michael and his lawyer just happen to be at the courthouse and stopped it.  The court may want to know why Amber thought it was in Mikey’s best interests to drag him away from a safe space and exceptional medical treatment and traumatized him further.

The only thing that should matter is making sure Mikey has a safe place to recover and grow up.  The reports from people treating him matter.  We will see if justice for Mikey exists in Massachusetts soon, it looks like it didn’t here.










11 thoughts on “Mikey’s day in court will happen in Massachusetts

  1. Judge Hill sounds like a real piece of work. Heaven help any other children whose cases are brought before Judge Hill.

  2. If the MASS court requests or demands Amber to be there to talk about the accusations against her and she doesn’t show…..Judge Hill is an excellent example of how bleeped up our court system has become..

      1. I wonder if he’s working by the hour or a flat fee. If his bills are getting paid, I could see him being ok with this being dragged out, whether his client loses or wins.

      2. Oh Crap….somebody has deep, deep pockets on this one which I am sure you have noted. But unfortunately justice in this country is ruled by who brings the most money and this sweetheart Illinois judge is living proof.

  3. I’d like to know who is footing her lawyer bill. This can’t be cheap by any means.

    Judge Hill uh like he’ll fly right back here to McLean County and from the airport call the police and say “I’m here come and get me”. The judge out east will likely say pffft who is this IL judge. .

    1. According to the report from Mikey’a father, the Buck family own some of the largest marijuana dispensaries in Denver, CO. Deep pockets…

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