What’s going on at Heartland Head Start?

By:  Diane Benjamin First, I am not even slightly familiar with Heartland Head Start.  I am using information I’ve been told and info received by a FOIA request.  HHS isn’t subject to FOIA. There is one familiar name on their governing board:    https://www.heartlandheadstart.org/en/get-involved/governance/governance-board HHS is supported by federal tax dollars and some local organizations.  […]

Flawed Tax Assessments

By:  Diane Benjamin It gets harder and harder to see any fairness in how properties are assessed for property tax purposes.  If some properties are under assessed, your bills are higher to compensate.  Every property owner should protest if their assessment isn’t right. Evidently we need a way to protest the assessment of other people’s […]

More on Michelle Anderson – County Auditor

By:  Diane Benjamin The statement below is from the City of Bloomington’s CAFR for the year ended 4/30/2019.  Yes, they finally got around to posting it but it still hasn’t been presented to the Council.  Of course data that is 6 months old is pretty useless in the private sector, why care about what government […]