Michele Anderson is the problem

By:  Diane Benjamin On October 9th I received a “press release” from Michele Anderson which I read and filed.  I don’t know who else she sent it to, evidently to WGLT who took the bait and did a story.  For an elected official to publicly name call was unprofessional at best.  See it here:  Press […]

Fazzini to announce?

By:  Diane Benjamin I think I know what is going on between the McLean County Auditor and Treasurer, it isn’t the huge problem Michelle Anderson is making it out to be. Back in 2014 there was a referendum asking if the Auditor job should be abolished.  I said NO – but the person holding that […]

Tiritillli Public Comment found + another sports complex

By:  Diane Benjamin As reported in this story, the Public Comment by Marc Tiritilli was cut from the posted video at the 9/30/2019 joint meeting of the McLean County Board, Town of Normal, and Bloomington City Council:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/07/comment-cut-from-video-tiritilli/ I filed a FOIA Request with Bloomington since they had posted the rest of the video.  It […]

Comment cut from video -Tiritilli

By:  Diane Benjamin On September 30th a Joint meeting of the County Board, Normal Council, and the Bloomington City Council was held.  This was an official meeting which was required to comply with the Open Meetings Act. Public Comment was held at the beginning of the meeting.  Marc Tiritilli was the only speaker.  His topic […]

Federal Lawsuit names Jason Chambers

By”  Diane Benjamin A Federal lawsuit was filed on September  24, 2019 in the Peoria Division of the Central District of Illinois naming the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office, Don Knapp, Kristen Alferink, and Jason Chambers as defendants. The lawsuit was filed by a former Assistant State’s Attorney – William Layne Roberts. The suit alleges: […]

The Huge News!

No, I’m not moving to either Bloomington or Normal and I’m NOT running for office. This story is about YOU. I started writing this site in April of 2012 only because I saw how bad the local media was.  Today most are even worse.  The majority of them hate this site without ever reading any […]