Leaving the Teacher’s Union

By: Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request with Unit 5 for information they decided to redact. Transparency at Unit 5 rates close to zero. One gem was included and not redacted. I hope more teacher’s are choosing to leave the union. I redacted the name, notice this person asked for direction because the union […]

Bill Brady sued in Florida

By: Diane Benjamin Did Bill go through all his campaign cash already? Or, does Bill just have a problem paying what he owes? Remember this story: https://blnnews.com/2020/04/02/bill-brady-resign/ New problem for Billy and company: https://bocanewsnow.com/2021/03/24/jimmy-johns-in-east-delray-faces-eviction-owes-more-than-50k/ Jimmy John’s In East Delray Faces Eviction, Owes More Than $50k NewsMarch 24, 2021 BY: STAFF REPORT | BocaNewsNow.com DELRAY BEACH, […]

What happened to local Trades and Labor?

By: Diane Benjamin The below is from the local Trades & Labor Facebook page. Of course they endorsed all left leaning candidates, but is it worse? See the Vice-President’s name at the bottom: Who is Adam Heenan? From his Facebook page: https://aeon.co/essays/is-it-time-to-upend-the-idea-that-land-is-private-property?fbclid=IwAR2yjgbJ93CXU5o6tjESVruCjQ434rPD352bLoNTP5RE8K9gts1XH3yGK9I Are all union members socialists now? Do they all agree nobody should own […]

Open Season on Police

By: Diane Benjamin Consider: Alderman Jenn Carrillo wanted a “discussion” on defunding the police at the last Council meeting while presenting no evidence other than it’s trendy. Carrillo obviously hasn’t seen the crime statistics in cities that have taken money from the police. You can see here: https://washingtonwatch.org/democrat-run-cities-that-voted-to-defund-the-police-now-face-soaring-violent-crime-rates/ Other far left groups in Bloomington are […]

What if an election was held and nobody ran?

Congrats to the Village of Downs! Proof the American Experiment is finished: I suggest the Trustees remaining increase property taxes by 100% to wake your citizens up! Think people might notice? Of course you could ask Bloomington to annex Downs, you too can have crappy roads. Oh wait, parts of Downs already does. (perfect fit)

Thugs on the other side of the bars

By: Diane Benjamin Last week I received a tip concerning chaos that happened at DAT bar in Lexington. The Lexington police gave me the following this morning: (Don’t quit reading!) Adam Deal, age 38 of Pontiac, IL.  Deal was arrested for Aggravated Battery.  The McLean County State Attorney’s also charge him with Mob Action.  Bond […]

Proof of the Koos debt

By: Diane Benjamin I could write MANY stories about last night’s Bloomington Council meeting. I might write more, I might not. I didn’t want you to miss this graphic: Every citizen of Normal is in twice as much debt as those who live in Bloomington. That is why the end of the Uptown TIF is […]

2020 McLean County Suicides

By: Diane Benjamin In 2019 McLean County saw a total of 18 suicides. The total for 2020 was 27. That is is 50% increase in one year. 1 more death is under investigation as a probably suicide according to the December report. Drug overdoses are down from 26 in 2019. Covid? Lockdowns? Schools closed? Anybody […]

McLean County Justice

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.wglt.org/post/final-coliseum-defendant-pleads-guilty-misdemeanor-agrees-restitution#stream/0 The last Coliseum theft case was settled last week. The two main culprits got off with misdemeanor convictions while 2 low level employees who couldn’t afford to pay lawyers for years now have felony convictions. All 4 received plea deals, another defendant had all charges dropped. The City of Bloomington received […]

Not a good idea to text at meetings

By: Diane Benjamin The Executive Committee of the McLean County Board met on January 11th. I received a tip about the meeting. First the members: The tip involved text messages sent by Democrat Laurie Wollrab to (fake) Republican Josh Barnett during the meeting. Barnett is part of the “Responsible Cities Pac” with the leftist elites: […]

The IL GOP will always be a minority

By: Diane Benjamin It is only a short time before McLean County will be taken over by Democrat Socialists. The Republicans are doing nothing to stop them. The GOP believes in working together. The local democratic socialists don’t want to work together, they want to control everything. McLean County will soon be run just like […]


By: Diane Benjamin Do not attend upcoming state capitol protests. This article at the Gateway Pundit explains there is a national alert put out and it smells to me like a false flag or the next step of a playbook to make conservatives look violent and to take away firearms. It only takes a handful […]

What socialists do

By: Diane Benjamin The local (Democrat) socialists pretend they support the people. They don’t – they only want power. They will use that power to do what socialists always do, punish their enemies. They don’t want to learn or have discussions. They demand you comply or be destroyed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that tactic by […]

Pick a Side

I could post many examples that prove we are in a fight between Good and Evil. Evil is attacking the Bill of Rights and Freedom. If you want to stand with patriots, keep reading. If you want to be on the email list for the group below, email  info@ilpac.org. Illinois Conservative Union is the group […]

Fly on the Wall: Wrong McCarthy

Flying around McLean County Administration I overheard they aren’t on board with divvying up the cost of Normal’s recycling drop boxes 3 ways. Of course Trustee Kevin McCarthy believed the utterings of the City Manager saying an agreement was close. It isn’t. Maybe Pam Reece can explain herself. It will be similar to her claiming […]

Good News

By: Diane Benjamin Town of Normal employees didn’t get Christmas gift cards this year. In 2017 Normal spent $25,048, in 2018 $25,040, in 2019 $23,920. https://blnnews.com/2017/11/20/sit-down-normal/ https://blnnews.com/2018/11/16/normal-taxing-again/ https://blnnews.com/2019/12/23/normal-giving-away-your-money-2/ This year is what citizens who aren’t allowed to work by their government expect: $0.00. More Good News: The far left isn’t afraid to tell you what […]

More on the Cadena custody case

By: Diane Benjamin I asked Michael Cadena’s lawyer for a statement, she provided an amazing one: A little more on the custody arrangement: Michael has primary custody in Massachusetts. Mickey (using his name since it has been in the media before) can spend 6 weeks in the summer and spring break in Illinois. Mom can […]

Small Business Conference – Covid 19

DECEMBER 17th 600pm – 730pm.This will be a ZOOM meeting. We are hosting a free small business conference to help area businesses affected by Covid 19 restrictions. We hope to provide you with information and knowledge to help you navigate through these uncertain times. Please go to our web site at www.gametimegym.com and register.Register ASAP ZOOM meeting has […]

Friday History: Good News

By: Diane Benjamin The County roads by me are great. Unlike driving in Bloomington and Normal where dodging potholes is a sport and riding a horse would be smoother, the County knows they don’t exist to be developers or entertainers. Where my road meets Leroy-Lexington blacktop a large hole was developing. Turning north either requires […]

Update: Parents: Your forum

I’m going to add emailed comments at the bottom instead of posting them as a comment. By: Diane Benjamin Kids are suffering from closed schools. Parents are suffering and watching their kids fall behind. Meanwhile, Tri-Valley is holding in-person classes while Unit 5 and District 87 are closed. The Unit 5 school board had the […]

I Can Keep secrets!

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve got more sources than I can remember. I have never revealed where I get information! That brings me to an anonymous letter I received in the mail today. All I will say is it involves McLean County. The writer didn’t give me enough to work with. I need a list of […]

Remember Judge Casey Costigan

By: Diane Benjamin The information below was reported to me by a reliable source. Defendant: Mr. Brown shot through a door at his wife and kids in 2017. Today Judge Costigan let him off with time served. He was not able to post bail of $30,000 and has been in jail since his arrest. The […]

Buried by Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin I was contacted by a citizen pertaining to the treatment of a student. The student has an IEP – Individualized Education Program. Since schools are required by law to provide an education, IEP’s are legal documents that provide rights and protections for parents and students needing special education so they can thrive […]

Thanksgiving 1789

T That we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks H both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed  A acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal […]