Not so Green

By:  Diane Benjamin Know what that dark spot is?  Long time readers will:  OIL. This turbine is east of the Leroy-Lexington blacktop just south of Route 9.  Usually they keep the ones along busy roads clean, the ones with less traffic going by are worse. Even Green technology needs oil.  I wonder if AOC knows? […]

Witness slips needed AGAINST Pritzker’s tax

Since you are smart enough to know Pritzker’s Progressive tax isn’t just going to raise taxes on the rich, fill out a Witness Sip against it now!  Yes, they do matter! Enter NONE for any not applicable fields. Mark OPPONENT Mark Record of Appearance Only Track the witness slips here:

Vengeance Normal?

By:  Diane Benjamin $100,000 to move this? What we know: Koos and Company are REALLY upset by the results of the last election The citizens overwhelmingly voted the “Plan” dead Koos and Company think the “Plan” isn’t dead This building will not be saved The Normal voters waited too long to send the message the […]

Last Years Mother’s Day Bail

By:  Diane Benjamin Last year Black Lives Matter bailed out Myleria Briggs for Mother’s Day.  She was in jail for retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  She entered a guilty plea in June of 2018.  24 days in jail and 24 months probation.  It was a Class 3 felony. All Springfield […]

Driving must end!

By:  Diane Benjamin Guess where this statement is: Even with insurance, gas, oil changes, and new tires every 2-3 years – anybody spend $8000 on maintenance a year?  “AAA” looks like a link, it doesn’t work. This statement is on a website called It should be obvious who sponsors it, the guys with priorities […]

She’s Back!

By:  Diane Benjamin This event has ZERO to do with honoring veterans.  Nikita Richards is raising money so she can run for office again.  Why is she still using contact information for the race she lost last November?  “The Change You Deserve” was rejected by voters.   If you plan to attend, read the fine print. […]