Sharon Chung: CHINA virus

By:  Diane Benjamin A couple days ago this Letter to the Editor from McLean County Board member Sharon Chung appeared in the paper: Chung is upset an amendment failed that would have removed “China” from the emergency proclamation the County passed. Sharon, Communist China wants the same thing!  Most of the media has knelt […]

Stay off the cliff

How is quarantine going? For many, probably not well.  Many lives have been upended because of a virus.  No one can accurately predict the future or say how long this will last.  No one knows how bad this can get or how quickly it will pass. We do know close to 99% of people who […]

The crumbling backbone of our Government – Public Trust

Many of you have asked why crimes by government officials aren’t prosecuted.  Reason:  Government refuses to prosecute them.  Kirk Allen provides plenty of examples. Reprinted from Kirk Allen – Edgar County Watchdogs Public Trust – (ECWd) – Part of our Constitutional Rights is due process.  That due process is the foundation of protecting our rights […]

McLean County going Blue

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington: 8885 of the 13,867 were Democrats Everywhere but Bloomington: 9924 of the 18003 were Democrats Total voters: 13,867 + 18,003 = 31,870 8885 + 9924 = 18,809 democrats 18,809 divided by 31,870 = 59% of the people who bothered to vote pulled a democrat ballot. This is without the […]