Michael Cadena reported to jail

By:  Diane Benjamin Continuing story, search Cadena if you want more information on this case. A hearing was held yesterday on a motion to reconsider the sentence given to Michael Cadena for criminal contempt of court.  Retired Judge Hill sentenced him to 6 months.  The judge claimed legally he can’t and wouldn’t even if he […]

State’s Attorney Emails – Cadena

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are two emails sent by Jeffry Horve to Michael Cadena concerning Amber Buck and his son Mikey.  Horve is the Felony Drug Unit Supervisor and Assistant State’s Attorney for McLean County. It is obvious Horve knew what was best for Mikey, the judges involved made their own decisions. The first two […]


By:  Diane Benjamin The concussion will be keeping me from writing much for at least a few days. Here’s a couple of things I couldn’t pass up: As of October 26th, Green Top isn’t close to raising $400,000: Yes they have only raised $141,800 of the needed $400,000. _____________________________ The Pantagraph again let a lawyer […]

How you help Michael Cadena!

I found out more information on how Amber got Mikey.  She waited until the courts were closed and then filed a missing persons report for Mikey.  The police told the Cadena family that anybody hiding him would be charged with kidnapping.  She then took the police to his house and got him.  Since the judge […]

Amber Buck has Mikey

  By:  Diane Benjamin Last night Amber decided to show up at Mikey’s house with the police and take him.  Armed with Judge Hill’s order giving her temporary custody, she succeeded.  No Massachusetts court has given her permission to leave the state with Mikey, that could change today.   Meanwhile, Michael Cadena is still in jail. […]

Video: Mikey on calls with his mom

Judge Hill has not seen these videos and Amber Buck’s lawyer successful kept the court in Massachusetts from seeing them. Amber’s attorney complained in court here that he doesn’t have a copy, he got a copy from Michael’s lawyer at the last hearing. The video is numerous calls between Mikey and his mother.  Her voice […]

Cadena – Buck emails you haven’t seen

By:  Diane Benjamin Amber Buck’s parents were in the courtroom at last weeks hearing where Judge Hill issued an arrest warrant for Michael. If they had cared more when their daughter was cooking meth and allowing Mikey to be abused, his dad never would have fled to Massachusetts. See this email: Note the date:  March […]

Mikey’s day in court – Massachusetts

By:  Diane Benjamin Summary of today’s proceedings: The hearing lasted MANY hours.  Mikey’s mom, Amber Buck, decided not to testify.  The feeling from Michael Cadena’s side was she was afraid of facing cross-examination.  Michael’s lawyer had a lot of questions ready. Mikey’s doctor, Garfinkle, was allowed to testify in general terms about her experiences with […]

Was the Pantagraph in Massachusetts?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s always amusing when the Pantagraph tries to do news when I know they didn’t do anything but print what they are told.  That is the reason I started covering the Mikey Cadena story.  I think it’s safe to assume ol’ Edith didn’t fly out to a court hearing in Massachusetts. Yesterday […]

Biggest Meth Bust?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has a story titled:    https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/police-meth-bust-among-mclean-county-s-largest-cases-on/article_7c910a35-074b-5d4f-84a9-b99d32a389fe.html Police: Meth bust among McLean County’s largest; cases on rise Quote from the story: Cagle was jailed in lieu of posting $15,035; Guilliams was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond. I believe Amber Buck and her boyfriend were arrested with 206 grams of meth.  […]

Mikey’s Timeline

By:  Diane Benjamin Tomorrow at 2:30 another hearing is taking place.  Judge Hill will probably declare Michael Cadena in direct criminal contempt even though she couldn’t locate a precedence for doing it.  I plan to attend, Judge Hill needs an audience to witness her activism. This case has many twists and turns.  I’ve read thousands […]

Today’s hearing for Mikey Cadena

By:  Diane Benjamin One thing everyone must realize is the Cadena-Buck case is not about custody.  It’s about protecting Mikey. Mikey’s dad alleges the McLean County courts have not given the safety of Mikey a fair hearing.  His mom went from being charged with 5 Class X felonies and endangering a child to probation and […]

UPDATE: Mikey is staying where he is!

The next hearing is TODAY – Courtroom 3A _________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin A judge in Massachusetts issued a stay on June 22, 2018 but the parties were not notified. Michael Cadena’s lawyer here had to file a response by 9:00 am this morning to the mom asking for direct criminal contempt charges.  Meanwhile his lawyer […]

Guest Writer: Saving Mikey

So many facts are being ignored in the case of Mikey Cardena.  This editorial outlines many of them.  The best interests of the child are being ignored.  Links to two court documents are below By Lisa M. Boudreau Privileged Probation? I’m trying to understand how a mother would request to have the father of her […]

Court hearing over Mikey

By:  Diane Benjamin If you missed the original story, read it HERE I was in court to see what would happen today.  The Attorney for Amber Buck filed something this morning and expected the judge to rule on it.  Evidently Mr. Billington doesn’t understand how the court works.  The judge gave the attorney for Michael Cardena […]

Mikey’s Story

By:  Diane Benjamin Mikey Cardena was an abused child, I have the pictures and police reports to prove it.  On Monday a McLean County judge will likely give custody back to the mom even though the abuse happened in her custody.  This is the case the media has reported as the father took the boy […]