Was the Pantagraph in Massachusetts?

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s always amusing when the Pantagraph tries to do news when I know they didn’t do anything but print what they are told.  That is the reason I started covering the Mikey Cadena story.  I think it’s safe to assume ol’ Edith didn’t fly out to a court hearing in Massachusetts.

Yesterday the Pantagraph published a heart tugging story that left out some facts:    https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/lawyer-mom-head-to-boston-for-custody-hearing/article_cf61e780-4c85-5784-b40c-27084b3a55e9.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-2

August 31st will be the second time Amber Buck has gone to Massachusetts, the first time she tried to get a court to hand over Mikey without ever notifying his dad.  She and her lawyer failed.  This time the court has set aside 4 hours for a hearing.

What the Pantagraph left out, probably because Amber’s side never told them, is her side wants to stop one of Mikey’s doctors (Dr. Garfinkle) from testifying.  Why oh why would the mom who loves her son so much she has gone east twice not want one of his doctors to testify?  Michael Cadena’s lawyers want the court to appoint an attorney just for Mikey (GAL).  Amber’s side is opposed to it.

Is Amber afraid the GAL will talk to the doc and find out something the judge will find interesting?  Afraid the doc will report Mikey needs to stay where he is for now?  The possibilities are endless.

What it does prove is Amber Buck only wants her son in Bloomington.  She doesn’t care what is in his best interest, just like when meth was being cooked in her house and Mikey was abused.

Edith, the reporter, included the affidavit I submitted to the court.  She must not remember that she was sitting about 5 feet away from me and heard the same things I heard.  Or, maybe she was too busy playing on her phone to listen.  Some reporter!

Since I have first hand knowledge (having been to court three times and having read hundreds of pages), I’m appalled that a reporter for the Pantagraph is obviously taking sides in a case and printing information only from that side.

I wonder how many other “news” stories are the same?  Edith Brady-Lunny?  Pantagraph?









4 thoughts on “Was the Pantagraph in Massachusetts?

  1. “The mother pleaded guilty last year to a drug charge involving methamphetemines.” is all that the fake news Paragraph says about her drug manufacturing operation in the article. Hmmmm? Edith and her propagandist bosses certainly don’t want to upset the connected moneyed elite!

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  2. ANOTHER reason we QUIT taking the Pantagraph. I hope they go away. There was more news in the darn Penny Saver or Normalite when they were still around then there is in todays Pantagraph!
    You have a better chance of a meteorite hitting your birthday cake then the Pantagraph reporting REAL, FACTUAL news!

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