Payments for Bloomington Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday:

Bloomington collects Food and Beverage taxes and then gives Normal their share.  This is the amount being paid Monday night:

How much was it a year ago?

Since the tax rate hasn’t increased, more people are eating out and paying the tax.


Shipping money to Springfield for legal continues – this is for ONE Month:

Note:  The City set up their own Administrative Court, I believe a rep from Sorling runs it.  It must not be working well, the City has these cases listed on the court docket for the next 14 days:

The purpose of their own court was to free up circuit court time.


This is what Grossinger Motors Arena cost you this pay period:


PCard spending start on page 122.  The New City Manager hasn’t had time for breakfasts and lunches yet, or maybe he will surprise us!

HR spent $83.55 for a going away party and $16.27 for party supplies  – spending is supposed to have a “public purpose”.  Wonder what it was?

There is more, you can look at the $127,012.31 charged yourself.

5 thoughts on “Payments for Bloomington Monday

  1. Increased food and beverage revenue due to consumer confidence or from some of the “free” summer “festivals?”


  2. $54 K a MONTH for legal? Well, I sure can’t blame the lawyers, but the council AND MAYOR up to the NEW MANAGER-WAKE UP KIDS !! That’s $600 K a year!!!


  3. If that’s the case the “folks” running the city business OUGHT to pay some attention to OUR money and THEIR business! That’s just stupidity.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. More parties? No wonder we have pot hold city! They are too busy partying . You would think City of Bloomington employees were ISU students!


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