More on Olympia’s Solar Panels

By: Diane Benjamin Yesterday’s story: Anybody surprised administration claims to have saved a lot of money on electricity when the schools were closed for COVID? You need to review this story too: I don’t know the complete story but this law firm contacted Olympia, they are probably suing the manufacturer. The sender must […]

How other states are protecting kids in schools

By: Diane Benjamin Finding links has proven difficult. I believe this effort started in Tennessee and other states are following their lead. Of course Illinois isn’t one of them. The Federal Communications Communications has obscenity standards for radio and television to protect children. If those same standards applied to schools there wouldn’t be a need […]

Update on Olympia’s Solar Panel Fire

By: Diane Benjamin I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request, all of the below is what I received. Olympia paid $3.9 million for the panels, they still owe $2.68 million on the bond they floated. In the presentation to the School Board they claim: Annual savings is totally dependent on the weather and the […]

What you need to know about Bloomington’s new commission

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 320: The documentation starts off with a stretch of the truth: Additional discussion on the Initiative took place at the Committee of the Whole meeting onJune 19, 2023, at which time there was a consensus to bring a formal proposal forward at afuture meeting. Consensus isn’t a 5-4 vote […]

Bloomington: You voted for big government, it won’t end well

By: Diane Benjamin The PIN # of the property taxpayers are demolishing on W Jackson was corrected, otherwise the property wasn’t discussed. The contractor is required to pay prevailing wage since public money is being used. You evidently gave a present to the labor unions and the property owners. Congrats. For all the anti-religion people […]

Also at Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Mollie Ward’s initiative is back: Anybody want to guess how many of these “experts” will be FOID card and gun owners? Definition of expert is: People who claim some hidden talent not available to normal people. The Council will approve it and it will develop zero solutions because morality can’t be forced […]

Fleeing To Illinois

By: Diane Benjamin Families flee states with anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ+ laws for Illinois where their rights are protected FYI: I can tell how many people actually read this story! You are going to want to because your taxes are going to go up to cover wide-spread mental illness. Excerpt: Parents who lets a SEVEN YEAR […]

Citizenship in Illinois is meaningless

By: Diane Benjamin Citizenship in America is meaningless as illegals continue to flood the border. They are handed benefits paid for by you. If you haven’t asked yourself why tax dollars are used to house them you probably went to a public school that didn’t teach what immigration as always been: opportunity, not freebies. You […]

Update: District 87 teacher transitioned her daughter

The mom below works at Sarah Raymond but she isn’t a teacher. The dad is a District 87 teacher. He is pictured in her Facebook posts. By: Diane Benjamin Her name is Meighan Hopper. Her former daughter is 18 years old, she/he can make any decision wanted because supposedly 18 qualifies as an adult. Remember […]

Gun Violence Commission Hypocrisy

By: Diane Benjamin Since Bloomington has a “woke” police chief and this is Illinois where criminals are coddled (Safe-T Act), stopping gun violence won’t be easy. Asking nicely isn’t going to work. “Woke”: Was anyone FIRED over the failed gun safe giveaway when the documentation clearly says FIRE SAFE? DEI means incompetence is […]

Update: Breaking News: Government Center Evacuated

Even though the smell of smoke got stronger the evacuation is over. More details if and when they are available. Fire Alarms went off within the last hour leading to evacuation of the building. I’ve heard employees faintly smell smoke on the Washington St side. Also an ambulance just arrived. This story will be updated […]

Problem Identified

By: Diane Benjamin Quote: Simington is a graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, School of Police Staff and Command. He also earned a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a masters degree in Public Administration from Governors State University. Simington holds a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from […]

Water Equity Bloomington?

By: Diane Benjamin The slide below was in the presentation by Public Works Monday night – see 42:00 What does “Improve Equity and Affordability” mean? It wasn’t discussed at the meeting. I really hope Bloomington won’t be discussing a two or three tiered rate structure for water depending on address or income. That isn’t “Equality” […]

Bloomington 6/19/23 Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin Celebrate now Bloomington – your water bills will increase. The City did a study and you just aren’t paying enough as compared to other area municipalities. See 43:30 on the video below. Water rates haven’t increased since 2012, everything else the City charges on your bill goes up 3% automatically every year. […]

Bloomington: 6/19/23 Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin This meeting lasted almost 1 1/2 hours, 4 people spoke at Public Comment. Mayor Mboka always reads a prepared statement before public comment. That statement is incorrect. Public Comment isn’t for the Council, it is for citizens. The Council regardly ignores what citizens say, that happened again last night via Mollie Ward. […]

Normal’s 12 minute meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston didn’t bother to show up. Maybe they know their presence isn’t necessary. Two items of note from the meeting: The navigator needed 4 votes to pass. Since Lorenz and Preston were absent and Chemberly Harris recused herself (she is on the Mid Central Community Action Board), they […]

Both Bloomington and Normal meeting on this Federal Holiday

By: Diane Benjamin Juneteenth must not be important enough to delay meetings 1 day. Bloomington Committee of the Whole: Agenda I wonder if anyone will mention the police gun safe giveaway that will rust guns? Minister Ward should already know why gun violence exists and is increasing. A commission won’t solve moral decay, kids […]


By: Diane Benjamin This is Bloomington’s 2nd cannabis dispensary. It is on the west side close to Walmart/Outlet Mall, grand opening is in July. Targeting kids? Think kids shopping with a parent won’t beg for “Cookies”? This company is certainly targeting college kids. They can ride the bus there for free. Revolution is the […]

Koos’ 3rd chance coming June 21st

By: Diane Benjamin Another hearing is scheduled in the Senate for Amtrak Directors. Maybe Biden finally picked candidates that represent the whole country, the last list failed to move forward because everyone but Koos was from the East Coast. The hearing can be watched live – June 21st at 10:00. Chris Koos is […]

4 more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting

By: Diane Benjamin 1) The stole/scarf type things the Council members were wearing were gifts from the visiting people from India. Most of that isn’t on microphone, so the purpose is unknown. See 11:20 on the video. . 2) I have reasons to believe the Danenberger/Henricks vote flip flops was a setup to make their […]

Don’t store guns in the FREE gun safe you got from the Bloomington Il Police

By: Diane Benjamin H/T a solid source If media cared they would FOIA recent emails. I bet they won’t. . I wonder how they gave away 312 when the documents for the April 24th meeting shows purchasing 308: Documentation for the April 24, 2023 meeting: Problem: This is a link to the manual for […]

Bloomington Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin This was the vote on Tom Crumpler’s motion to add requirements to the agreement with the East Washington developers to pay prevailing wage: . This was the final vote on the project: . Danenberger and Hendricks flipped their votes. The Hendricks flip doesn’t make sense since he was bought by the communists […]

Bloomington dodged the communists – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin Unlike Chris Koos in the Town of Normal, Mboka Mwilambwe asked the Council if they wanted to extend time for Public Comment. They all said yes so they could hear from two final citizens. Recently Koos used his tyrannical powers to end Public Comment, nobody on that Council objected: The actual […]

Illinois Taxes go up July 1st

By: Diane Benjamin If you still haven’t signed up for the Breakthrough Ideas newsletter, do it here: The latest newsletter has a staggering amount of information – like the grocery tax goes back into effect July 1st. Gas taxes also go up July 1st: If you buy gas in Bloomington or Normal – add […]

Bloomington Tonight: World Peace Week

By: Diane Benjamin We are close to a nuclear war in Ukraine, China wants Taiwan, Israel has to prevent Iran from finalizing nuclear missiles, our “institutions” buried the country in unpayable debt, and culture is on a race to the bottom, but Bloomington is proclaiming this World Peace Week and welcoming visitors from India. I […]

The Heartland Institute Comments on East Coast Smoke from Canadian Wildfires

Note to readers: I love the Heartland Institute because they actually use science and history instead of throwing random bombs to steal your money by blaming “Climate Change” for everything. I suggest you follow their research. Of course the “other side” despises them. Press Release: ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (June 8, 2023) – As a result of […]

The Regional Planning report

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Regional Planning Commission issued a report last October – 311 pages. Connect Transit will be here forever because these people think it is an essential service. Losing $1.2 million every month isn’t a problem since the Feds and State cover most of it. See the history on PDF page […]